You Make Me Brave by Bethel Featuring Amanda Cook

“It was the result of a long, dry season God took me through to reach the point where I was able to express what He had been doing…God has themes in all of our lives and I feel like bravery is something that He’s always called me into.  I’ve struggled with fear my whole life. You name it, I've been afraid of it. The song is a very personal statement to me because it's not written out of a place of declaration that ‘I'm so brave.’ I'm writing myself into that character, writing myself into the person that I really do feel called to be and want to be.” (Amanda Cook)

This is a testimony from the woman who wrote this song. Let's stand together and declare that as woman of all generations, we will be Brave!!! We will embrace the goodness that God has for us in every aspect of life. 



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