What's Your Worship?

What is your worship? I was listening to the radio the other day when they asked the question "what is worship to you?" Is your worship just singing another song because that's what your suppose to do before you get into the message? Is your worship just because everyone else is doing it? Really think about this! For some, it may be easier to worship in church than others. I encourage you whether you grew up in a church that worshipped "all out" or sang hymns to take your worship to a new level with God. Don't get stuck in the rut of "singing another song" on Sunday morning. Take the song that is being lead and take it into your heart. Listen to the words of the song and sing it out and make that song your heart's cry. Make the words that are being spoken your declaration of what God is doing in your life. When we sing worship to God, we want to mean it. Take this song for example... "King Of My Heart". The first time I heard this song I was at a dear friends house and it just blew me away. All I kept hearing is "you are good." From then on I have had this song on my heart. In fact I have downloaded this song and will listen to it consistently because I am declaring that GOD IS GOOD in my life. He is good in every situation and every circumstance. Whether this is that I am praising Him for the joys and the blessings in my life or whether I am struggling from sorrows and hurts, HE IS GOOD. Listen to this song and let it minister to your heart wherever you are at. If you are standing on the promise that God WILL in your life then say "He is good". If you are praising HIM for the victories in your life then declare it, HE IS GOOD!!!

Here is the original version of "King Of My Heart" lead by Sarah McMillan! Wow it's beautiful!!! There is so much depth and raw grit in her voice in this song. The way she ministers it is beyond amazing! 

Here is another version from Steffany Gretzinger. I love her heart and prophetic worship. She truly is an inspiration to me! 

Till next time,