He is Calling Out, Are You Listening ?

This last week we turned off the phones and went without any kind of social media of any sort! My husband and I were able to get out of town, just the two us and enjoy each other and the presence of God! It's amazing how much you don't miss when you aren't allowing yourself to get caught up in all the business of social media. Like Candace posted last week, it's easy to to get distracted from the things you should be doing instead of instagraming or Facebooking. I was able to really sit back, relax and enjoy myself, my time with God and my time with my husband. It's was a divine appointment with God! 

God wants us to have these moments everyday, not just some days! He is calling out to us. But the real question is, "are we listening?" In this reading from a daily devotional that was read over me it says;  "Any ambition which is the tiniest degree away from this central one of being, approved unto God, may end in our being castaways." This is speaking about where we are putting our ambition. The ambition that God is first in our life. Yes, this means even placing your relationship with God before your spouse and your children. I have done some evaluating lately and have felt that so easily I can stray from my time with God because I am trying to do everything for everyone else. I am not saying I need to drop my family and friends. I want to make God my whole ambition, not just a piece of it. I encourage you to take a look at your life and see where you are placing God. Is He in the forefront of everything you do? Are you in His center being? Take a minute to examine your life and ask the Holy Spirit where you need to cut back on things...social media, time with friends, time spent away from Him. Allow yourself to keep up to the standards in which God wishes. He only wants the best for you and for you to place your delight in Him.