God Makes Us All Different!

I love that so many woman are really stepping out to share on the blog. Whether it is a devotional or a Brave story, these woman are truly inspirational. God created each of us differently and wouldn't want us any other way. The passions God put in my heart and my character are going to be different than what someone else's looks like. But, we are all created in His image, wonderfully and perfectly made! I know you will enjoy reading what Breanne has for you all today. This girl is truly a beauty and her heart and passion for all she does is astounding. She has the most bubbly personality and it's just contagious! Thanks Breann!

Let me start out saying I'm not perfect. I sin daily, and repent often. But, my "salvation story" or testimony is not like most you hear. I got saved when I was 8. I grew up in a Christian home with wonderful supportive parents. Did I make mistakes, of course, but did I ever loose faith, no! I listened to all sorts of testimonies about these radical changes in people's lives once they came to God, and to be perfectly honest, I felt like I needed to go wild to experience Him. Luckily God had a different plan. He knew I was on the verge of something when He brought me Josh. I meet my husband when I was 14 years old and he was my voice of reason. Off and on over the next 5 years I struggled with my identity in Christ. All of these testimonies were so profound and mine was nothing compared to theirs. Then one day at a Cafe in Huston, Texas I broke down. I couldn't take it any more I wanted to know what was wrong with me, why had I always felt left out because I made the right decisions? A person should not feel less holy because they didn't give into temptation, but that is exactly how I felt. Why did I feel like I needed to sin to experience Gods grace? Thankfully, God had me right where I needed to be at the Women's retreat. The next morning the Pastor got up and gave a life changing sermon for me. It was on having never lost faith, never running away from God. He started talking about the prodigal son, except this time from the point of view of the son who never left. He went on to explain how the son who stayed felt betrayed and jealous because the son who left got his inheritance and upon his return got a huge welcome home party, while the faithful son got nothing, or so he thought. But, he went on to explain that the faithful son would be rewarded in the end for never leaving, never turning his back on his father. That was me, the daughter who never left, who has struggled through her walk, who had sinned, but kept her eyes on God. Do I still struggle with my testimony, yes because it's not great, it's simple, but it's mine! Out of all of this I have learned that no matter how big or small you think your "salvation story" is it doesn't matter, it's yours! God will make sure to show you that it too has significance! So for all you believers out there who felt like me, please know that God will reward you for fighting the good fight and never loosing faith. For those of you who have one of those amazing coming to God stories please keep sharing. We need to realize that we are all different parts of this body. My story, my life, should not be like anyone else's because God did not create me to be like someone else. He created me in His image to be me, and He loves me!

My story, my life, should not be like anyone else’s because God did not create me to be like someone else. He created me in His image to be me, and He loves me!
Breann, her husband Josh and beautiful little girl!

Breann, her husband Josh and beautiful little girl!