Learn Some Manners

I once read that arrogance is not thinking more highly of yourself but thinking less of others. Many people in my generation were raised to believe that if you work hard you win, if you get there first you'll get the new iPhone before anyone else and if you make a mistake it's okay to sweep it under the rug and act like it never happened. I agree that if you work hard you'll be successful but it shouldn't be at someone else's expense. Just because you're running late doesn't mean you should let the door slam on a mom carrying a car seat with her baby and a toddler holding her hand (I've been that person)! If you're riding the bus and it's been a hard day, it's still not okay to make that old man stand while you sit and stare at your phone. Get of your butt and learn some manners!

I say all this, because I'm tired of seeing the division in our country that has been caused by a little lie that the devil has perpetuated since the beginning of time. "You are a nothing, a nameless powerless person and the only way that you can get power and find your identity is by taking it and throwing someone else under the bus." It started in the Garden with Adam and Eve. The devil in serpent-form, came to Eve and explained to her that she had no real power, even though she was completely clothed in God's glory, she was a nothing. God was the one that had all the power and the Almighty had just put little old her on the planet to make babies and help with the animals. If she really wanted some power she should eat from the tree of Good and Evil that God said not to. The reason God had said not to was because then her eyes would be open and she would be like God and He didn't want that!

So Eve ate and then blamed it on the snake. Adam, who was right by her side, ate as well and blamed it on Eve. I'm sure you get the picture and I'm sure you've heard the rest of the story. All mankind has suffered because of that first sin. The funny thing is that Eve was like God already, she had so much power because she was made in the image and likeness of God! He gave her all power and authority on the earth and she had an amazing identity in God. She didn't need to wear clothes because she was completely wrapped by God's glory. The devil knew this and he deceived her into thinking that she was nothing. She handed over her authority to him when she ate the fruit and God's glory was taken away and she was truly naked.

This has been the devil's "Method of Operation" from the beginning. Tell humans how pathetic and powerless they are and if they believe it they'll do all the terrible things for him and he really doesn't have to lift a finger. How do you think humans started owning other humans? They believed the lie that they were powerless so if could throw someone else underneath their feet they would feel power. This led to racism. This led to people being tortured and murdered because of the color of their skin. It led to war and brothers fighting against brothers. Which led to one race not being able to drink from the same drinking fountain as another. Which led to riots, murders and now our country is a country divided all because no one knows that they have power and a true identity in Jesus Christ. If you don't teach your children who they are in Christ, that they have power, that their words have power, they'll listen to the lies of the devil and they'll do whatever it takes to try and get some power. I'll reiterate what arrogance is, it's not thinking more highly of yourself, it's thinking less of others. It's false power. You're not actually getting power, you're trying to steal it from others. James 4:6 says, "He opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble." You walk in all God's grace when you are humble. My interpretation of humility is knowing you're true identity and at the same time you put others before yourself.

I think this can be taught from about the first year of a child's life. You teach them "please and thank you." You teach them to share. When they're older, they should always give up their seat to an elder. Hold the door, grab the heavy object that someone's struggling with, help the person who dropped something. These things need to be taught because human nature has been conditioned throughout generations to believe that, "I'm more important than you simply because I feel like if I help you out, I lose my power." Here's the thing, if you can lose it, it wasn't true power and it wasn't your true identity, but you can decide to give it away. God made us in His image and likeness, key word: MADE. It's who we are, it's our being. It can't be changed or lost because it's who we are, but we can walk in denial of that power and give it to the enemy. You can believe the lies of the devil and what the world says you are or you can learn who you are in Christ. You see over 2,000 years ago a God's own son poured out His blood on a cross, He was sinless yet He died a criminal's death. He did this so He could take back the authority and power that the devil thought he had stolen forever.

You learn who you are in Christ when you read God's Word. 1 Peter 2:9 reads, "But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light." All those words in this scripture: CHOSEN, ROYAL, HOLY, SPECIAL...they describe who we are in Christ. Believing those words that describe who we are can take us from a powerless mentality to a powerful mindset that knows our true identity and the power that we possess. It enables us to walk in love, giving preference to others and to serve God with our whole hearts.

What if this country could be unified because people finally found out their true identity? In this they could walk in power and love. Lifting up others and honoring those in authority. They wouldn't leave their children and they would be responsible for their mistakes. I encourage you to pray for this, seek it out yourself and read God's Word.

Walk in love!