Did Ya Ask God?

Have you ever had times where you just get flustered and start to get irritated or frustrated over something, even if it's something little? I do, actually more than I'd like to admit sometimes. It's easy for us to get that way if we don't watch ourselves. Last weekend at church I lost something. This something that I lost wasn't even mine, which made me feel even more irritated at myself. I lost a piece of the channel changer for our lights that was of coarse, clear. "How hard is this going to be?," I kept telling myself. I seriously walked around our church's parking lot (may I add I looked like a crazy lady), for a long time. I walked the exact path which was pretty much a straight line from the church to the end of the parking lot. I could not find this thing anywhere. Finally, someone noticed me walking around and asked what I was looking for. I told the gentleman what I was looking for and then he came back at me with this statement; "did you ask God where it is?" Hm... embarrassed now, I said "well no!" Who would have thought to ask God where this small object was, not me apparently. Honestly, I felt silly. How many times do we forget to ask God, even if it's something like this? We just go to the conclusion that we can do it ourselves. Easily we can forget to ask God the little things. After this gentleman said that I began to ask God to give me eyes to see where this clear piece was. Within a few minutes it was clear as day as to where it was. Matthew 7:7 says, "ask and you will receive." That is all I had to do, and God showed me where it was. I encourage you to use my example as a reminder to ask God, even in the little things. Ask Him about your day. Ask Him about your finances, your friends, your relationships, your life. Nothing is too little for God to work in and through in your life!