What I'm Diving Into

I can't express enough how much I love summer and usually I don't wish for it to ever end, but this summer has been so crazy and busy. I'm almost looking forward to fall and winter just because it means my little family won't be running so much. With that in mind, I have so many books that I've been looking forward to read when my life has slowed down!

One that I can't wait to get my hands on is Lisa Bevere's new book "Without Rival." This book is about breaking the bonds of competition and comparison that so many of us women have with each other. This ultimately leads us into separation from an intimacy with God because we push away from Him when we don't feel worthy of His love because we don't love ourselves. In this book, the review says that she addresses the argument that says women are unfit, gullible and easily deceived. The enemy would love for us to turn on ourselves and others to keep us in bondage and limit us from walking in how God truly created us to be. I hope to start this next week with some other women in my church!

Another one that I've been trying to read, but I really want to sit down and really get into is a book by my fave author, Kris Vallotton "The Supernatural Ways of Royalty." I have been soaking all of the words of this book in each week because everything is so heavy, but so good. Kris gives revelation to knowing your true identity in Christ, how God sees us and how He wants to give us so much because we share in Christ's inheritance since we are children of God. I can't get enough of it!!

Lastly, the leadership in my church will be starting "Honor's Reward" by John Bevere. I've actually read this book many years ago, but I definitely could use a refresher. I just know when I did read it, it rocked my world. I made a post a while back about honoring other women, giving preference to others and not just living to make ourselves look good and this book gave me so many principles into writing that post.

Have any of you read any great books this summer that I need to add to my list?