That Little Piece Of Your Self-Identity

So, this last week was a huge change in my life. HUGE! Okay, so Traycen started Kindergarten. To some of you you're probably like, "really, wow!" But to me, this was a big deal. Not only is my baby, but my only child now going to school. That meant he wouldn't be my side kick Monday through Friday each week, even though it's only half days, but still! Tuesday August 23 came up fast and ready or not, there it was staring me in the face. I walked him in and he had told me that I couldn't stay because I would cry. Well he was correct. I walked into the chapel because I wanted to see all of what they did and how they did it. They started to play the worship song God Is On The Move. If you have not heard it, it's an amazing song about how God is moving in mighty ways and truly ministers to my heart. I took one look at that little boy and those kids singing that song and teared up, about ready to lose it. I had to dismiss myself discretly from the chapel to go rub my eyes and make it look like I wasn't indeed going to burst into tears. I managed to get it together and go back in to finish the song. Shortly after I realized the time had come for me to leave to go to some meetings. I left the school quietly and got in my car to drive. As I was driving I had this weird peace in me. I started praying and asking God, "what is that?" Clearly God told me.... "you know that little piece of self-identity that you find in your child? You need to give that to me!" Ouch or amen. It was at that point that I realized I had somewhat been putting a piece of my own self worth/identity in my child. How easily this can happen I thought. It's so easy to put our identities in material possessions and things of this world, but I didn't even consider I was doing that with my beloved child. It was honestly a great reminder to me that God is my all in all. Even though I love my child so much he can't even be in that place in my self identity. My identity first and foremost needs to be in Christ. Just as this was a good reminder for me, it can be one for you too. We can easily try placing other things in front of God to find our identity in them. But, when they are gone then what happens? If we are setting our purpose to fulfill who God called us to be as our identity in Him, then we know who we are. Romans 5:17 says, I glory in Him!" We are called, chosen, righteous, beautiful, daughters of the most High God!