There's Always a Trade

God created a garden. In it He placed Adam and Eve, He told them to name the animals, tend to the garden and to be fruitful and multiply. He gave all of what the garden brought forth as food except for one tree. He told them, "don't eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 2:17)." I'm sure almost all of humankind has heard at least something of what happened next. Satan deceived Eve, who took fruit from this forbidden tree and ate of it then gave to Adam who was with her. Death entered into the world in that moment. No, Adam and Eve didn't die right then and there but they did die. There's also something very notable that happened here besides just disobeying God, they obeyed Satan. They changed masters. They traded in life for death. Health for sickness. Trust for doubt. A life of toil and pain was taken upon them and they traded in a life of continual communion with God.

A life of toil and pain was taken upon them and they traded in a life of continual communion with God.

How many times do we do the same thing? We look at a situation and we get to make a choice in how we are going to react. Do we react with anger or understanding? With mercy or cruelty? In every decision we make, we are making a trade for what master we are going to serve. Are we going to obey God and offer peace and forgiveness to someone who has wronged us or are we going to serve Satan and go his way in acting in fear, retribution and hate? Isn't that CRAZY? Think about it? You're serving one master at all times. You're either walking with God or following after the ways of this world and who is master of this world? Satan. It makes you think when you flip off that person who just cut you off in traffic or that little white lie you made up to save yourself in front of your boss. I'm so guilty of walking in this, but I've learned the hard way and I've realized that I want to serve God. I want my life to glorify Him in all that I do. Yes, we're gonna mess up and make mistakes. God has grace for us that is sufficient for anything we may do. Mistakes aren't sins. Sins are you what you willingly do. Sin is trading in God's best for Satan's worse. You make the choice to sin and still God will forgive you.

Sin is trading in God’s best for Satan’s worse.

Back to Adam and Eve at the beginning. God knew that they were going to sin. He knew that His creation was going to trade masters. He had a plan and His name is Jesus. From when God formed the foundations of this world, He had a redemptive plan to save all of mankind in letting His only Son be sacrificed so this world could again have the choice to choose life instead of death. It takes one choice. Choose Jesus or choose Satan. It's as simple as that. Believe in what Jesus did on the cross and that it was payment for the sin in your life. Sin always cost something and Jesus died for all sin in the past, present and future for all mankind. He did it because God wanted us back. He's not a cruel master, but a gentle and loving Daddy who sees us in the distance walking back to Him. We're beat up, filled with shame and embarrassed of where we've been. We've traded in our inheritance for the temporal luxuries of this world, but we're ready to come home. God sees us, tells His servants to get the party started, His child has come home! He grabs His most luxurious robe that He drapes over our filthy shoulders. He wraps His arms around us and holds up close laying kisses upon our forehead and cheeks. He speaks words of love and forgiveness and places beautiful signet rings on our hands that signify that we are His children.

Adam and Eve may have messed it up in the beginning but Jesus made it right again. He couldn't stand living without you, so He died to save you. Get over your pride. Give away your shame and trade it for unconditional love that only God can give you. Sin is fun for a season, but it will always lead to death. Death to your spirit, to your relationships and ultimately to your life. God is always waiting and will never turn you away.

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