In the Sheepfold

Vulnerable confession here: I'm guilty of telling others to get out of their comfort zone, be brave and go on an adventure with God when I'm not exactly doing the same. It's not that I've never done these things but as of right now, I'd don't feel like I'm doing it all.

There's so many thoughts in my head of things I want to do with God. Places I want to go, people I want to serve, goals I want to achieve, but in this season God has me home here on the ranch, serving in my amazing church and raising my incredible daughters.

Make the most of it, but don’t despise those things that you may think are small.

My Pastors have told me preach what you know. This is what I know, everyday of your life is important in the Kingdom of God. Make the most of it, but don't despise those things that you may think are small.

I love the story of King David. He was just a young shepherd boy when the Prophet Samuel anointed him to be King of Israel, but it would be years before he would step into his kingship. In the meantime, before he was even recognized by his people, he was in the fields with his father's sheep. Moving them from pasture to pasture, water hole to water hole. It was a pretty monotonous life, with the rare thrill of killing a bear or lion that were trying to kill his sheep. What do you think he was thinking during those days after he was anointed? "Aren't I supposed to be king already? Shouldn't I be living in the palace?" The Bible doesn't tell us, but I do know one thing, he was obedient wherever he was. God hadn't told him to move and he didn't. Do you see how God was preparing him even in this season, in the sheepfold? 1 Samuel 17 tells us that God was with him when he killed the lion and bears. David became strong and courageous in those times to which would become a great help to him in his fight with Goliath and his years of war in the future. He learned to lean into God when he got discouraged in his current position in life. This would aid him in his times of running from King Saul who set out to kill him later on. As well as he learned to be sensitive to the heart of the Father. 


There's no doubt that God built King David up in these times of quietness in the field. My favorite part is that David learned to solely rely on God, not on his father, not on his brothers, he was completely alone for most of the time out there in the fields for a shepherd lives a very isolate life. So when this "uncircumcised Philistine" defied the Armies of the Living God he boldly proclaimed what he knew best, with God I can NOT fail and this man will be just like those bears and lions after I'm done with him. It wasn't a prideful statement, it was just the truth that he had in his heart. Numerous heroes in the Bible had times of waiting I'll name just a few: Abraham, Joseph, Moses and our Savior, Jesus. He waited 33 years!

In this time of waiting I'm also reminded of a seed that's been planted. It doesn't produce a harvest in one day, but with nourishment and time it grows and produces an abundance as well as seed for the next season. God is so good in how He doesn't disrupt the seed, time and harvest process.


So wherever you are, whatever you're doing in your life, pay attention to what God is teaching you in these times. Are you currently working a minimum wage job that you dislike? Learn to show up early, put in 110%, find ways to do your job better and just wait for God to promote you or move you somewhere else...but be patient. Are you living in a place that doesn't allow you to serve in the capacity that you'd like? Find somewhere to serve even if it's in something you're not particularly fond of. Why? Because He can't trust you with big things if He can't trust you with the small. Remember, it's time to grow in the sheepfold so you can be ready for your role as being a leader to this world. God wants you to be the light like a city on the hill, but it always starts with a small spark to set the world on fire!!