Growing In Love

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I've been thinking and studying a few things out about how we feel God's presence. Since this is an off-week for our Brave Series (I can't wait to unveil who we have next week!) I wanted to bring something to you that would help you live a life that's in the fullness of what God has for you. I mean what's more brave than that? To know that we are hearing his voice and and walking out our destiny is an abundant life in my opinion. 

To precedent what I'm going to say here; I believe that God is always speaking to us, but we are not always listening. Getting to know God for us is how we hear him more clearly. We learn his character, what he holds dear to his heart (hint: it's US!), what he hates, and what his heart is in every situation. 

It’s definitely been a journey from knowing about God to knowing God.

I've been walking with God going on 13 years now as a born-again Christian, but it's definitely been a journey from knowing about God to knowing God. To be honest, for a long time I was okay with just knowing about him. To only sing songs about him. To read books about him. In my mind I knew what Jesus had done on the cross for me, that he loved me enough to do that and I was thankful for that. I think so many of us are okay with being in this place as well. It's comfortable...we're doing good.

Comfort...what do you think of when you hear that word? You may think of security, relaxation, convenience...even boring. Haha! Those are not necessarily bad things, but I think back to some of my heroes in the Bible who were rocking and rolling in their lives with God. I think of Abraham who was called a friend of God. He left everything he knew in his old life to trust God and leave for the promise land. He trusted God to give him a son in his old age and then he was willing to offer up that beloved son when God asked. I think of Joseph who was willing to interpret Pharaoh's dreams because He knew that God was faithful in granting him an interpretation. I think of Esther who went in front of the King with a chance of being killed to save her people. Then we have Mary, a young girl who is given the great task of caring the Savior of the World. She could've said "no" to God when He told her His plans but she trusted him.

What do all of these people have in common?

They all got to KNOW God.

They fell head over heels in love with the God who was pursuing their heart from the very beginning and they continued to fan that flame of love by continuing to know more about Him throughout their life. You don't learn how to do brave things for a God that you've only heard about. Only when you've learned to trust a God that you know without a doubt is good...that's when you can do brave things for him. 

She truly is a woman who lives from the lap of the Father. 

Heidi Baker is who comes to mind when I think of doing brave things for God. She says in her devotional book, Reckless Love, "I am seriously saying Jesus' presence is worth more to me than anything; His love and precious blood are worth more to me than life." She lives in one of the most volatile areas of Africa in Mozambique. She's constantly bombarded by people shooting at her, holding knives to her throat and the death of her adopted children but she counts it all worth it because God's presence rests on her everyday as she works. She truly is a woman who lives from the lap of the Father. 

So how did I go from just knowing about God to actually knowing him? To begin, I don't know if I'll be able to find words to explain this in it's fullness, but I got glimpses of what my life could be like if I was willing to let God have all of my heart and dive into a deeper relationship with him. It was more like I was able to see the woman that I could be who lived in complete trust in the Creator of the Universe. So in a way, He was calling me to come closer, but He wanted me to draw near first. I love how the Passion Translation puts James 4:8, "Move your heart closer and closer to God, and he will come even closer to you." It's an invitation, not a command.

Can you still get into heaven by only knowing about what Jesus did on the cross and making him your Lord?


But why just stop there?

He wants to go on this great adventure with you now that will echo all of eternity!!

Why not live with heaven on earth now? He wants to go on this great adventure with you now that will echo all of eternity!! I can't even explain the joyous tears I've cried when I realize how my heart is completely safe with my Jesus. Unlike any human relationship we can have on this earth, God will never, ever hurt our hearts. He won't ever betray us or abandon us. His Word promises this!! 

I feel like I could make this the world's longest blog post with going on and on about everything I'm learning by knowing God's heart, so I'm going to stop now and pray for you...of course only if you'd like to really fall in love with the lover of your soul.

Right now, I ask Father that you would make your invitation to your beloved something that they can't miss. That their heart would be open to accept this invitation because they've made your Son, Jesus their Lord and Savior. I pray that they would have the veil removed from their ears to hear Holy Spirit calling them deeper. That their passion for your Word would be lit in their heart and that NOTHING would hold them back from encountering you, Lord. 

I pray this in Jesus' name!!


I'd love to hear if you've made the commitment to get to know God on a whole new level, please reach out to me on Instagram or email me!!

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