For the Love of Learning


The decision to homeschool was one that we decided as a family just felt right. I've been blessed to stay home with my girls or at least bring my girls to my job since Sheridan was born. It's not that I'm an overprotective mom that doesn't want to send her babies out into the scary world, but it's because our lifestyle allows for the richness of home school and our thoughts are, "Why not take advantage of this?"

We really only get our kids for about 18 years. That's 18 years to laugh, to experience life alongside them, to grow and to work through the issues of life that they'll definitely be going through together as a family. When I was younger and in school, school was not about learning and experiencing different things, it was retaining enough for the test. Memorize if needed. Take the test. Empty brain and move onto the next information I needed to study for the next test. The enjoyment of learning was not there. I feel there's so much pressure to perform in school and the added pressure of how teachers are graded now only adds to the theory of "We teach to test." 


When I got to college and started on my actual major courses I was thrown into a world of learning of what I actually wanted to learn. I read my text books for fun, people! Who does that? Well, I did! I was actually getting to learn what I was passionate about. I was getting to write about what I was interested in and it definitely showed in my grades. I graduated Magna Cum Laude. 

Our mission in homeschooling is to allow our girls to learn in an unconventional way that enriches their lives to the fullest. Whether that's in the back of the feed truck counting cows and learning how to way feed. Or on horseback learning to recognize different birds and plant life. My girls curiosity can lead our schoolwork and it spans across all the subjects if we are intentional with it. 

The best part is that Kody and I get to learn right along with our girls. We have a yearly membership to the Museum of Nature and Science. We take field trips that go seamlessly along with what are girls are interested in at the time. They get to feel, taste, see and hear every subject that we cover.

IMG_9801.jpg object is to show that the chief function of a child—his business in the world during the first six or seven years of his life—is to find out all he can, about whatever comes under his notice, by means of his five senses...
— Charlotee Mason

And yes, we do plan to home school them all the way through high school if that's what's best for them and what God is leading us to do.

Do I believe everyone should home school their kids? No.

I believe that there are amazing teachers in public schools, my best friend, Breann is one of them. But I do believe that this is what's best for us in this moment...and I will pour my heart into it. Oh and the whole socialization (awkward, home school kid) thing. I really see that varying from family to family. If you live like hermits, well you'll be a little different. We are so active in our church, I help watch friend's kids and we always have friends stopping by that I almost see my girls as over-socialized!

For us this works and yes, it may not be for everyone. It's hard and we're only in Kindergarten!! But seeing my girl's imaginations grow and blossom everyday and the questions that they ask is astounding. I especially love seeing them teach each other and know that they are each other's best friend because most of the time, they're all each other has to play with.

I know that I'm only in the starting stages of all of this, but I'm very passionate about helping others see the joy and opportunity that home school can bring, so I'm an open book if you have any questions!!