My Brave Story- Kerry Cramton

Have you ever had that person that comes into your life and you think, "God, I know that was you!" Well, Kerry Cramton is definitely that person for me. Again, we've never met, like so many that I feature on our Brave Series, but I know that God had His hand in our friendship and I'm forever grateful to Him for that! Kerry, her husband, Clint and two boys Coyer (5) and Case (2) live near Tescott, Kansas. They farm a variety of crops and also run Sim Angus cow/calf pairs. We've connected over so many things including our love for western fashion, the rural life and our love for Jesus. She is so passionate about helping others and everyone she comes in contact with feels like they are they are the only one in the world to her because she truly makes you feel special. It's an honor to have her on our blog! Here's Kerry's Brave Story!


Kerry and her beautiful family

Kerry and her beautiful family

Standing on the shore...

My history with my faith, I asked Jesus into my heart at a very young age, and I grew up in a non-denominational church. We rarely missed a Sunday, however I grew up on a ranch and sometimes the cattle didn't permit us to go. I was taught the Word, and that God was very real and alive. I feel fortunate for being able to see prophetically gifted people speak and people healed before my eyes. That's an amazing testimony in itself to a young child. I was prayed over and heard God speaking through His people, I believed what was prophesied, because I knew no one could know those things that are so deep in your soul, only God could know! Our church was very small, but it allowed a very intimate atmosphere and I was taught about the Holy Spirit and I think that built a firm foundation for me. Just being in church and hearing the Word (truth) spoken to my heart really was a blessing. I have an incredibly guilty conscience that God blessed me with, and I think that kept me out of a lot of trouble as a teenager. I never wanted to disappoint God or my parents. However, I do think it is very easy to fall into a trap of not thinking you are living life "perfect" enough and that holds you back, never living up to your own expectations. God has really dealt with me on that, and I'm understanding that He created me exactly the way I am, but to always open up your heart and listen to the Holy Spirit (that gut-knowing-soft whisper). I also saw the not so pretty side of people in our small church, but what I have learned is that our souls and our flesh are very different! I prepare myself that people will disappoint, but that is not always their soul, it is just their flesh peaking out! Let's face it, we all have areas that are not so pretty, God is doing a work in all of us!  When I was in college I really struggled with going to church on a regular basis and I had a boyfriend that was not really the right person for me. I prayed a lot that he would change, but I also knew if he didn't change and put God first, I could never be with him long term.  It was a long distance on again off again relationship, so I had a lot of single time in college as well. I truly cared about him, but he was not the one for me. Funny how the lyrics by Garth Brooks comes to mind, "Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers." Fast forward to meeting the most amazing guy in my life, we were married after only a year of dating, and I was never the type to have a boyfriend or stay with one very long! I was extremely picky in relationships, I would rather be single than with the wrong one! I can truly say that that old relationship was not the one for me, God has to be the center of your relationship! I'm so blessed by my spouse and we are constantly growing together!

He calls my name...

I think God always gently nudges us. He gives us free choice and sometimes, unfortunately, we have to circle around the mountain a few times, because we are missing what God is trying to show us, but I think God is okay with that! He is very patient and I believe He has a divine plan for each one of us and a way to get us there as well. However, we have to train ourselves to hear and heed that Small Voice, it is easy to override, but it is essential in accomplishing what God's plan is for our life. I'll also add that at times when you don't listen to His Voice, you'll realized that it's all part of the learning experience!  God takes you around the mountain, He was trying to protect you from the bumpy path, but in that bumpy path, you grew exponentially with Him! 

Stepping into the waves...

There was a time in my marriage that I felt I was trying to convince Clint to change, I felt there were some things in our marriage that were preventing us to grow with God! Little did I know God was dealing with me too. He so gently sent me to a scripture that said the answer to my problem, and I realized that I'm not fighting my husband on this issue, but I'm fighting the devil who is always out to cause conflict in relationships! The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy!  The best way to war this argument was to lay it at God's feet and pray that He works in my husband's heart and mine! What is the best way to fight those devils? Prayer! You see God has a way of dealing in people's hearts better than you or I can and it doesn't matter if it is your spouse, brother, sister, mother, father, or best friend, God has a way of speaking to them exactly how they need to hear. I will tell you that they are 100 times more likely to listen when it comes from God! 😄 In this case, I needed my own wakeup call, and I aso prayed that the areas I felt needed to change in our marriage that God would deal with Clint either through a dream or something that spoke to his heart vividly! Wouldn't you know he did have a dream, I kept the faith and it came to pass in the areas that we were struggling in.  I have seen such a change in my husband, a maturity, and I know we both have grown, but we have grown together and tried to keep God at the center while respecting each other more! 

Don't look back...

My fears are trying to be "too controlling" in my life, not living up to other's expectations and failing as a Christian wife and mother. The more I give those fears to God I have found such an unexplainable peace! The more you get in the Word, the more your confidence builds, the more you believe, the more successful you become in your relationships and your life, which in turn allows you to bless others!

I have learned that no matter my situation, to live in the moment, to trust God in the moment, and to have peace in knowing that no matter the outcome or my circumstance I know where I will be some day! I know God has the very best intentions for my life, and although it doesn't always make sense to me, I know His plan is greater than mine! I live my life knowing who I will have to be accountable to some day.  Life is a journey we grow and learn in each season of our life.  If we allow God to speak to us, and listen, we are turned in to a masterpiece in His eyes and will be fulfilling our true purpose! Those deep desires hidden in our soul come to life, they blossom when we follow Him. If you feel God is directing you, but it doesn't make sense, that is okay! So keep trusting, keep believing, and take a leap of faith! The harder the circumstances, the deeper you tend to dig in to your faith, if you seek God He is there waiting for you to call upon Him and bring peace!! He doesn't promise a life without difficulties, but He does promise peace through difficulty!

Reaching for His hand...

 A few years ago,  I was in a hurry going through a pasture searching for a missing calf on a 4-wheeler, it was careless driving on my part, and I came to a drop off that I couldn't see in the tall grass. I tried to stop before I went off it, but I knew the 4-wheeler wouldn't stop in time, so I bailed to the left and the 4-wheeler came down on my back and hips. This was no light 4-wheeler either. When it hit me, my body went numb from the waist down. In an instant, fear tried to creep in and tell me I was paralyzed. I prayed in the spirit, I cried out to God that very second, and I cursed that spirit of fear. The first thing I did was pray! My parents had instilled that in me at a young age.  Did you know that just saying His name, Jesus, has so much power in it? I'm so thankful that my parents taught me that. I prayed in the Holy Spirit that I would be okay, I knew the seriousness of this accident! My feeling slowly came back, and as I stood up, I couldn't put weight on one leg. I managed to get to the top of a hill where I had reception again, and called my husband. This was before kids, and I think this accident really was a turning point in my faith. For a month I was in such incredible pain. I had a hair line fracture in my sacral in my back, but that wasn't what bothered me the most, I had damaged my sciatic nerve. At night,  it would feel like someone was shocking me with a cattle hot shot on the tips of my toes, it was so intense I couldn't sleep. In your moment of weakness you cry out, I knew I couldn't live that way! After consecutive nights of very little sleep, I was digging deep for answers and in my faith! God led me to a physical therapist and an amazing woman of God, she prayed for me in her office! How often does that happen?  I also discovered a man who played worship music online, and it was called "daily live worship."  He would pray and intercede through music and had such a heart for God. When I listened to his anointed music (he played piano) I felt peace. I literally couldn't focus to read much of the Bible, because I was so miserable! God did heal me, and fortunately I have no long term damage! I had damaged the sciatic nerve and over time it healed. It took time and faith, and some discouraging days, but He was so faithful with His Word through that time! My mom came and prayed for me, and I remember the Lord interceding and giving me a promise, and I clung to that promise and the scripture and declared it over my life! I do believe that was a major turning point in my faith. I have zero problems with my back or anything now, and praise God, because I know how bad the accident could have been. I thank the Lord for hearing my cry that day!

It is always, always, always worth it to turn to the Lord. I'm always growing and learning and I have such a heart to bless others! I feel like I've been so blessed by knowing God and having a relationship with Him, not a religious type of relationship, but a true relationship! If you are blessed, be a blessing! What little or big you can give, God sees that! He takes care of His children and blesses them abundantly in life! 

If you are blessed, be a blessing! What little or big you can give, God sees that! He takes care of His children and blesses them abundantly in life!

I think sometimes we get comfortable in life, when things are going good, however, it is inevitable there will be tough seasons, and I've started to ask myself what do I want my relationship with God to be like when trouble strikes? I want to walk with Him, have complete trust in His ultimate plan and purpose, because then fear cannot take hold of your life! I know where I'm going some day, I want to live for an eternity with my family, friends, and Jesus. The more I take hold of that, the more I know there is nothing the devil can do in this Earthly realm to steal my joy! Is that easier said, then done? Of course, but I said it is my goal to pursue God's plan and purpose for my life and stay in constant communication to heed what He wants me to share with others. You have no idea that what you say and do impacts those around you! May God bless you and encourage you, and give you strength to be courageous. If you focus on Him, I promise life falls into place, no matter your history, or past, whatever holds you back, do not let the thief steal your joy and feed you full of lies! God knows your heart and that is what matters most. He is smoothing out all the rough, which can be painful, so that one day you can shine like a diamond, your true potential, your calling!

Take hold...

I have no regrets! Following God gives you passion for others, He gives you a hope for the future, no matter where you are in life! He gives you hope and future! Don't forget that! I want to leave you with this truth:

"No man can comprehend what is in store for those that love him" 1 Corinthians 2:9. That is His promise! Love Him, ask Him to help you in your weakness and walk closer to Him! This year I want to walk closer than I ever have, I want to hear His voice clear as the noon day, because no man knows the time nor the hour of His return, and He says even the righteous will be mislead, I don't want to be mislead. I want to be ready! Are you? If you haven't asked Jesus into your life or feeling life is unfulfilling pray this simple prayer, Father, I know I have not been living life how I should, I come to you and repent of my sins, and believe that you died on the cross to wash away my sins! Holy Spirit, I invite you into my heart, give me your wisdom over my life, so that I can live my life for you and accomplish the purpose and destiny you put on my life, in Jesus precious name we pray, amen! It is that simple! Don't let the devil try to make you feel guilty, God washes all of our sins white as snow! He came and died for our sins!