My Brave Story- Dallas Heine

Dallas Heine has been one of those girls that has encouraged us and inspired us when first starting our blog. I've said it time and time again, but the people we have gotten connected to through our blog has been the biggest blessing. This girl is my kinda girl, she loves to ride horses, hunt and let her creativity come out. She owns "Let's Get Western" where she creates beautiful headbands! I love the couple that I have from her and you can see me wearing one at least every week ,especially on days that I really need to wash my hair, but don't want to! Ha! Make sure to follow her on Instagram under @letsgetwestern.

I love her Brave Story because it's a tale of finding God through the people He puts in our lives. So many times we think that we've got our whole life planned out and nothing will stop us and then there's a roadblock. Thankfully, if we learn to seek God in this time we can follow His lead instead of our own!


Dallas Heine

Dallas Heine

I came from a broken home, that had quite a few struggles while I was a younger kid. I made the decision to live with my dad when I was 11, and from then on I grew up in the average western lifestyle with an older dad that taught me old fashioned values. We were the "when it mattered" church goers, making an appearance on Christmas and Easter. Other than that, I didn't know who our Lord and Savior was.
The circumstances changed when I was a senior in high school.
My best friend grew up in a Christian home and she had me talked into joining her youth group on Wednesday nights. My friend had previously lived in Washington and had decided to head back for a visit, which led to her dating her now husband. She decided to introduce me to another guy that lived in Washington. He was also from a Christian background and was the person who introduced me to the possibility of being saved. He actually scared me into thinking about giving my life to Christ. I remember his words, as we were having a phone conversation one afternoon,"I want to see you in heaven some day, and if you aren't saved, you won't get there." Talk about a scary thing to hear for someone that wasn't quite yet a believer.

The next day, I was driving to a rodeo pageant meeting, and I felt this rush come over me, I started crying and that's when I asked the Lord to take over my heart. It was July 13, 2005. I will remember that day forever. I felt a calming afterwards, and still went to some youth group nights, but truthfully didn't really engage in the Word. Not yet at least.

After graduation, my friend from before, decided to move to Washington to get married. Since I was seeing her friend, I made the decision to move to Washington as well. That was the hardest decision I've made this far.

My fear in moving was all family related. Should I move away from my dad? Should I turn down the college offers I had in Montana?
"Young love" took over and prompted me to move away, at just 18 years old. My plans for a place to live fell through and I was definitely scared. I didn't have a job, and had no clue what to do. It wasn't the smartest time in my life.
Everything happens for a reason though and I ended up living with a pastor and his family. They are amazing people and that prompted me in having a deeper relationship with Christ.
I ended up breaking off an engagement with the guy from Washington, I stayed with the Pastor's family to finish out college, and moved back home to Montana.

Every situation in life prompts a learning experience. I made amazing friends in Washington and had a chance to experience life on my own.
I gained many relationships that I will keep, and learned a lot about myself. My relationship with God was strong, even though I was just a child in faith. I also met my amazing husband here in Montana, and we have formed a wonderful life together. We're coming up on our 5 year anniversary and just bought our first house. I also have new horse that I'm starting on barrels so life has been busy, but we're so blessed!

Did I make some odd mistakes along the way? Yes. However, I am so blessed with how my life has turned out now. God gives you what you need. I believe the places I've already been in my life are exactly where I needed to go to get where I am today. Nothing is coincidence and I'm looking forward to where the rest of life takes us.