My Brave Story- Samantha Kujala

My husband first met Samantha's husband Dillon at college in Wyoming . They both competed in rodeo and have kept in contact with each other since then. A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to meet Samantha Kujala when we sold them two of our hound dogs, one of which is the nastiest, smelliest, dirtiest dogs ever known! As I was praying for people to interview, I felt like God laid Samantha on my heart. Although I don't know her super well, I do know that she loves Jesus and lives her life for Him. Her and her husband work on her familie's ranch in Burns, Colorado. They do everything on the ranch at times, but their main job is taking care of the cows. They also have their own outfitting business called “Ridge Runners Outfitting” where they hunt mountain lions. Check out their facebook page at They have two beautiful kiddos, Cheyenne and Levi that are being raised on the ranch and with the love of Jesus.

I am really excited to share her story with you guys. Samantha and her husband met in college in Cheyenne, they then got married in 2005. Since then, they have had ups and down in marriage (which we all have). Her story shows true what God made our marriage covenants for and how God wants us to honor and cherish what He created for us. Take a look!


I got saved when I was 10 years old and while I had fully trusted Jesus as my Lord and Savior I just coasted through life. I did things that I knew were not in God’s image of being a believer in Christ but I would ask for forgiveness everyday and go on with life. When I got to college I met my future husband and we were both believers. A couple years after that we were married! I went into marriage with the wrong attitude. I knew that my husband was the one that God had chosen for me but in the back of my mind I was thinking if it doesn’t work out we can always get a divorce and I can start over. My biggest problem was that my parents lived right out the front door. I had a hard time breaking away from them and fully committing myself as one with my husband. I figured, well I can always get away because my parents were right there and I could just go there when things got tough. That’s when God really pulled at my heart and He was telling me that this was not His divine plan for my marriage! I felt God pulling at my heart and mind saying, “while the world says that divorce is ok it is against God’s will for the way marriage was designed.” I had to become one with my husband and allow God the opportunity to move in our life! Before we got married we went through marriage counseling classes like most couples do before they get married. It wasn’t until God really pulled at my heart did I start thinking about what our Pastor had been telling us. God’s picture of marriage is till death do us part!

God’s picture of marriage is till death do us part!

I couldn’t find anywhere in the Bible were God promised that marriage or life was going to be easy! God worked in our marriage and in both of us in ways that have made us closer now than we ever were before we got married. While our marriage is far from perfect it is a working progress! I had to make the decision to put God first in our marriage and I had to allow my husband to lead us in God’s word. I had to dig deep into my heart and understand that God’s design for marriage was for two people to become one and work as one to serve Him! I had to step out in my faith and give the reins to God so that my marriage would bring Him honor and glory.

God got a hold of my heart by just saying, "don’t allow the world today to destroy my image of marriage by allowing your marriage to fail!" Work together to fulfill God’s work in the world today. I turned to my Bible and husband! God’s way is not always the popular way but it is the ONLY way. We got back into a Bible based church and I had to except that things weren’t always going to be easy but God has it all worked out!

My biggest fear is being a failure as a wife and a mother! To put your faith in someone we can’t see and allow Him to work is so hard, and yet I can see how the institute of marriage has failed in this world now because the lack of God! Everything we go through in life is worth it. I am thankful for all the struggles because without them I would have nothing to be thankful for! I want my children to see how just a little bit of faith and trust will allow God to do amazing things through them. My faith in Jesus Christ is now stronger than ever. I can’t just coast through life and think that I can still serve the Lord. All that we go through in life is not meant to break us but build us up so that God can move in the world through us and so that God is glorified through us!

All that we go through in life is not meant to break us but build us up so that God can move in the world through us and so that God is glorified through us!

If your wanting to see some great pictures of western life, take a look at these. These were captured by Samantha, she does an amazing job!