My Brave Story- Megan Holdren

This story was last posted June of 2014 when Candace and I first started the blog. We thought that it was time to bring back some of these amazing woman's stories that you may have not read! This here is Megan Holdren from LiveWire. Candace first met Megan through their high school rodeo days. Candace always appreciated the fact that Megan marched to the beat of her own drum when it came to her style. I, Kirste first met Megan Holdren about 2011 when we were both pregnant with our first kiddos! Candace and I could both agree to say that it's such an honor to call Megan one of our mommy friends! Megan has such a bubbly outgoing personality and brings her creativity into everything that she does. From the way she decorates her house, her personal style and the style of her LiveWire designs Megan is quite a unique creative person! Megan has always been so kind enough to dress Candace and I for our blog pics, as well as donating a good chunk of her time to photograph us during a crazy days outside with kiddos and dogs running everywhere! I know you will enjoy reading more about Megan! 

Megan lives with her husband Ryan of almost 8 years and three beautiful babies in Greeley, CO. Ryan and Megan met in High School, but for the most part Megan knew little of Ryan’s existence. However, from a young age the boy knew exactly what he wanted. So, with some convincing the young man got exactly what he wanted, maybe not what he bargained for, but definitely what he wanted. Ryan is now the Regional Manager for Peak Oil Services, and most importantly one of the best men that ever lived. Before Megan had her firstborn, Paige, she worked in the supply chain of the poultry division at JBS for two & a half years. It wasn't until Paige was 8 months old that she decided to stay at home with her. She has since has had another precious little girl, named Gracie May, 2 1/2 and a dapper young man, Braxson, 1.

During the past 5 years since Megan has been in the corporate industry, she has been very busy. She was the Fashion Editor for Dirt road daughters Magazine, created Live wire clothing line in 2013, and became a Miss rodeo Colorado sponsor the same year. She has made multiple custom gowns for state queens, styled 2013 Miss Rodeo America fashion show, as well as had designs on the runway. LiveWire has a HAT collection with Greeley HAT works in multiple stores including PFI Western, Rods and others. Megan was also featured in the Cowboys and Indians fashion show at Dallas market in 2013.

Upon opening the LiveWire Boutique in November  of 2014, Megan was featured as, "The Best Northern Colorado Boutique" in the Greeley Tribune in May, 2015. Megan styled the 2015 Greeley Hat Works ad campaign with Past Miss Rodeo America Lauren Heaton, as well as styled multiple clients form the 2014 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, as well as 2015-2016 and various other award ceremonies. Currently, Megan is working on a Collaboration with Kimes Ranch, called Kimes Kutoure by LiveWire as well as a Collaboration with Katy Jade for an exclusive line in 2017. 

Cooped UP: What and who pushed you to start designing, as well as your own business? Family, friends, God, yourself?

Megan: God definitely pushed me through all of this, giving me the creativity to always have my own style from a young age and to be different in my own unique way. It was definitely hard to always believe in myself, it still is, but I had to learn and start believing and doing what God was telling me to do. This has meant stepping out in new ways, not always knowing the path or what the heck I’m doing, but doing all that I do completely under His covering. Also, relying on friends and family has always been important! One person in particular who was inspirational to me along the way was my friend Kristin at Spur Ridewear. She told me I needed to get my stuff together and start designing seriously. It's awesome how people speak into your life at the exact time that we need to hear it! Kristen was really the person who breathed the “hope” or idea of a line. Trent at Greeley Hat Works saw it and took the idea even further. I just couldn’t believe that people believed in me! Support comes from first God, your family and friends and your peers in your business. 

Cooped UP: Where do you find inspiration?

Megan: Everywhere! In my kiddos, watching movies, people,  but mostly I get inspired when I’m in the Word. I have noticed that when I’m in the Word or listening to podcasts from our church (I have been gone most weekends and can’t be there in person), God just moves in me and my creativity just pours out, uncontrollably. The Word begins to minister to me, and my mind starts to create different things. God shows me what it looks like, like a movie or a commercial, just in a flash. It's always best to write any ideas down that pop into your head because if you don't you will forget! Or, I try to explain it to my husband and he hands me a "pass to the looney bin", either way.

Cooped UP: How do you overcome obstacles in life, family and business?

Megan: It is definitely easier said than done! You have to make choices and stick to them. You can't have guilt for stronghold goals! My motive is family first! Sometimes this means a lost style appointment or a custom look that has to be pushed back, but that's ok. As a business standpoint I’m sure that’s not a fantastic choice, however with a growing family I have to be able to control the amount of time I get to invest in my children. It wouldn’t make sense to quit one arena just to do the same practice in another. Our kiddos are our only true heritage, I’m going to invest in them. I know that God will keep my business at bay while I grow his Kingdom.

Cooped UP: What goals/plans do you have  for 2017?

Megan: I’m so excited to be growing my styling business! You will see new features, custom looks and event styling by LiveWire Style. Also stay tuned for Collaborations with LiveWire and Kimes Ranch, Katy Jade, and Greeley Hat Works!

Cooped UP: What are your 10 year goals?

Megan: I wouldn’t be where I am without the help from others in the industry, friends and people just taking a chance on me. In the years to come,  you will see me at speaking engagements for women, talking about style and who God has called them to be, mentoring women coming up in the industry, and growing my beautiful babies!

Cooped UP: What are 5 principles you want to instill in your kids?


1. Love God 

2. Love each other; I drill that into them, no matter what, your siblings are Gold, no exceptions.

3. You can do anything, but you MUST do something. I don't care what they choose to do in life, I want them to go and do it, and do their best! 

4. Be kind & accepting of people, no one is the same, and that’s on purpose.

5. Don't let others’ actions affect your own, don’t get easily pushed out of the saddle when it get windy stay strong in your calling.

Cooped UP: What advice could you give other woman who may be on the fence about starting their own business?

Megan: Step One: Have cohunes! Being a business owner is hard work! Be prepared. It may get muddy, and be emotionally exhausting, but no one owes you anything! I'd advise them to find someone successful in business. This could be someone you want to be like, and ask them to help mentor you. You will learn a lot from them. Also, do your homework and know "what's what" in comparison to what you are doing in your business. Know the "in's and out's" of the trade. And most importantly, seek God's counsel and wisdom on everything! 

Cooped UP: Looking back now what have you learned? Was it worth it? How has your life changed?

Megan: I learned to stay the course. It's so easy to get side tracked and change what your doing when your work doesn't get the hoped for response. Just keep your nose to the grind stone and stay in the race. You choose to quit, no one makes you. It's been so worth it, I have met so many amazing people along this path that have changed not only my life but my family's. God will place people in your life that stretch you, help you grow and when needed, feed you a good word when you can feed yourself. 

Cooped UP: Think back as to when God first opened the door for you to step out. Has there been anything that God continues to show you about yourself or how to trust Him? And, what does this look like for you? 

Megan: God shows me each day how good He truly is. I know so many people say that same thing, but dang, you just don't know until you know! And then, you just can't believe it!! God changes my path continually, like a river ever changing as it flows. I have found that when you allow yourself to be the dreamer of Gods path, you are just the vessel who follows where it goes. The best choice I have ever made in life is choosing to be the vessel. God continues to grow His kingdom through me by talking and ministering to women. Talking to women about stepping out, looking and feeling like the amazing creature God called them to be. 

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