And so the rooster crows

DSC_2527This is just a short tale about our new addition to our chicken flock…the white rooster! So back in the day, depending how far back you go, there weren't alarm clocks like "now a days alarm clocks". Some people at one point in time relied on roosters which would crow at sun-up every morning with a "cock-a-doodle-doo". It never ceases to fail that OUR rooster crows EXACTLY at 5:01 am every morning now! So as you can guess, me being a super light sleeper, now wakes up exactly at 5:01 in the morning thanks to the rooster! I am always an early riser anyways but now I have a personal alarm clock that will wake me up despite the power going out or forgetting to set your alarm clock! So in short words, if your alarm clock fails to wake you up in the morning, go and get a rooster, unless you're a heavy sleeper like my hubby who…lets face it wouldn't barely even wake up if there was a blow horn in his face!  Kirste