More Cowboys, Please!

I really believe that the ranching, rodeo, cowboy way of life has been romanticized by the general public.  Living it for my entire life I'd have to say that it's a far cry from anything romantic.  I used to not get it, but I think I may have figured it out. Here's my theory:

This last week, my cowboy went through a mountain of pain and strife and even though it wasn't the first time that he's had to buck up and ride with pain, this is the first time that the odds really were not in his favor.  Not only were the doctors, x-rays and close family and friends (including myself) doubting him, but I think there were parts of himself that said, "you cannot ride a bull with a broken ankle, let alone ride the hardest bucking bulls in the world with a broken leg."  Kody has dealt with some serious injuries, he's broken his back, legs, hands, face and tore up his shoulders and elbows, but this injury was a little different.  It was so close to the World Finals (10 days to be exact) and with the average healing time for broken bones to be about 6 weeks, 10 days was not enough time to make any difference.  Not to mention, during those 10 days Kody did not take it easy!  He was building fence and shooting trap nearly every day!  So needless to say, the outlook on him being able to be successful in Vegas was pretty dim.  But through it all, he did it!  He rode 2 out of 4 bulls he got on and ended up placing 2nd and 3rd in both rounds and finished 8th in the average.  Pretty darn amazing!  God is so good and although we were praying for supernatural healing in his ankle, we never (or at least I hadn't) prayed for him to ride his bulls.  I think God was chuckling saying, watch this!  More than I could ever ask for, God came through!  But it took one tough cowboy to step out in faith and walk in the power that God gave him.

Okay, so getting to my theory now.  I think the cowboy way of life has been romanticized by so many because in the world that we live in today, so many of us are searching for a way of life where a person will stand up for themselves and for others against all odds.  Being bombarded by political ads this time of year can point out how many people are swayed by fear.  Fear of failure, rejection, and pain.  I read a post on Facebook the other day from Kris Valloton, a minister at Bethel Church, that explained how fear of pain can lead people to pick up addictions.  How true is that? Think about it, alcoholism for a person is most likely rooted in avoiding some kind of pain such as heartbreak or depression.  I would say the same goes for drug addiction and even sugar addiction.  In this post, Valloton also wrote that there is no victory without the battle.  The cowboy will experience battles everyday.  For my cowboy, it's a battle with what his body is doing and what's in his heart.  In his heart, he really wants to ride rank bulls, but his broken body is telling him otherwise.  This is how we make a living.  It's how he's made a living since he was 16 years old.  And although we know God will always take care of us, God requires us to take action.  To walk in God's power requires us to move, to step out.  And for Kody, that first step is him strapping his boots and spurs on and climbing aboard a wild animal.  Some may tell him he's kidding himself (ahem...Ty Murry), doctors may tell him he could really mess his body up, but none of that matters to a man who is set on listening to what GOD is telling him to do! 

So, with all of that said, I really think our world is needing more COWBOYS! I mean not everyone has to rope, ride and wrestle wild animals to be a "cowboy," but what I'm really saying is that we need more people to wake up and take ACTION!  Is there something you've been afraid to do because you're afraid to fail? Do it anyways!  You'll never know unless you try and if you're following after God, He has promises for you.  His Word is a binding contract that states what He will do for you if you walk in faith and as far as I'm concerned God is not a liar.  He always comes through.  He even dares you to step out and do it!  He's so cool! (Wow, that's an excessive amount of exclamation points! Can you tell I'm fired up about this?)


I just want to encourage you to chase after God.  Do what He's urging you to do, not what this world says. Not what statistics say.  Follow after Him.  He'll take you on the most amazing adventures, more than you couldn't ever dream up!  Dare to walk in His power!

The first step is saying "yes" to Him.  He sent His own son to die for you. 

The second, is learning what His Word says.  Read the Bible, go to a Bible Study and get plugged into a Spirit-filled, Bible teaching church.

Third, just go where He leads.  The more time you spend with Him the more you'll know His voice.

I'm praying for you and rooting for you!

Cowboy's wife- Candace