A Pink Balloon

So the other day I had just turned off the main highway by our house onto the dirt road and was just making my way home... until I saw this thing blowing that caught my eye.  Now, we live on a national grasslands park so as you can imagine being where we are located, there are the people who don't know how to throw away trash, or the trash that gets away from you because its windy out here.  So really you never know what's flying around or really where it came from, because honestly stuff probably could have been blown in from Wyoming, which is not that far from us.  Anyways, this flying object caught my eye as it blew towards my truck.  I just kept driving and got about a half mile down the road and was still thinking about this pink object that I had passed.  Have you ever had that tugging, the Holy Spirit trying to tell you something?  The more I kept driving, the more it kept tugging so I pulled off at these two t-posts and turned around.  I drove back looking for the pink object I had seen, wondering what it exactly was and questioning why I was still looking for it.  Well, I didn't find it, bummer.  At that point I almost kind of got dishearted because I should have turned around earlier to go back and see.  So, I turned around again and headed back up the road to my house.  As I approached where I had first turned off at the t-posts, I saw the pink object, which was a balloon.  I was so relieved, I felt this rush in my heart like "yes I didn't miss it".  What I came to realize is that the pink balloon had actually got stuck on the side of my truck or somehwere because it had fallen off when I turned to go back and look the first time.  image


 Right now you're probably thinking, okay great she found a pink balloon that she thought she missed right?  Well it's a great question.  The way I used to think, I would have believed this was a "coincidence".  A coincidence is defined as remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances.  Now that I know what I know, I don't believe this was just a coincidence, but instead the Holy Spirit speaking to me through finding this.  The pink balloon was not just a balloon passing by or another piece of trash to me.  That pink balloon was blowing right in front of my truck, connected onto it and then I found it again when I didn't know I had it on there in the first place.  Like I said, this wasn't just a meaningless balloon flying around because I had that tugging at my heart to go back and find it. 

I believe that if we open our eyes to what God has put around us, we will see what He has for us.  How many times do we miss what He is trying to tell us?  I know I most definitely have missed those times when I should have gone and talked to someone or gave someone something or just looked at something differently.  I think a lot of you can agree, you probably have done the same.  I will say for myself personally, it always stinks when that happens.  It's like I know instantaneously when I  didn't do something that I was suppose to do.  But, we take that experience and turn it around for the good as we really listen next time and activate what God has told us to do.  So, I had the choice to just keep driving and not go back to look for it, but I kept feeling that there was something I needed to know or take from that pink balloon.  Honestly as soon as I knew I had found it, my heart was relieved, like I did good because I listened to the Holy Spirit telling me to go back and look.

 I feel like on so many levels I got ministered to by this.  1. By knowing and trusting in the Holy Spirit and what is being told to me.  Sometimes we get so busy doing stuff and listening to other people that we aren't listening to the most important voice! (even if its telling you to go drive back down the road for a balloon) God wants us to know His voice, not just when its convenient for us and in a certain circumstances, but He wants us to know His voice ALL THE TIME, even in the little things because there are things He wants to show us.  We need to open our eyes, ears and hearts for what He is wanting to show us and tell us.  2. This really made me ask God, ok I know there is something about this balloon, but what is it.  I think God likes us to dig deep in stuff, and not just look on the surface of things.  In this case, it was asking Him, what is the meaning behind this all?

I am such a visual person so when I see or hear something I automatically go to my feeling of that thing, which sometimes is okay and sometimes is not because it's not just based on my feeling of something, but what God is telling me about that something.  When I first saw the balloon I thought, how cool is God!!! This balloon is for me because He loves me so much and just does cool stuff like that!  Well yes, that is true, I do believe God did that for me just because he loves me, but I also believe there was much more behind it.  It wasn't just for me, but for you too.  God loves you so much!  He does little things like this to show you HIM, and HIS LOVE FOR YOU!  This was a reminder that I need to be listening to the Holy Spirit but also that Gods love is so much more than our love for anyone or anything else.  Sometimes we get caught up in love of other things when God is just telling us, just love me because I am your first love!  He is saying I loved you first, so love me!  There is so much joy inside my heart knowing that I have that love of our father!  It's an unending, never failing love.  It's that agape love, whose very nature is love itself!  God is love, and everything that He does for us flows from His love.  If we can take this and receive the fullness of love from Him, how much more could we show that love to other people who need to hear and see that love from Him.  I encourage you to be that love to someone.  That love that He shows us in all things.  Introduce someone to that love of Jesus, because once you have it, you will want more.  I pray that we are contagiously in love with Jesus and that HIS love would expand in us and grow us closer to Him.  Glad I got to experience God showing me His love through this, this week!  Hope your all having an amazing week!


Till next time,

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste