A Dog and His Girls

IMG_0884.JPG (3)My Odessa Rose, she's getting so big. 

IMG_0886.JPG (2)

Sitting up all on her own.

IMG_0885.JPG (3)That face just melts my heart.

IMG_0887.JPG (2)

This face too.

IMG_0891.JPG (3)Oh, and so does my Sheridan's face.

IMG_0893.JPG (2)This face not so much. This is our ancient Boxer, "Cash." Doesn't he look dead in this picture? Don't worry, he's not.

IMG_0892.JPG (2)She loves her some "Cash Man."

IMG_0889.JPG (2)Hope you enjoyed our little grassy, dog-filled, Odessa Rose & Sheridan photo montage!

If you're local to the Northern Colorado scene, make sure to come visit us at the Livewire Shop's opening day this Saturday, November 1st!

IMG_0871.JPG (3)

Have a great Friday!!!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace