Who Are The Cooped Up Cowboys Wives- Kirste

When Candace told me this idea to write about ourselves the other day, I loved it!  I'm pretty sure my five things about myself are really random, but hey that's okay!  There is a lot of stuff that you probably would never guess about me from the time I grew up until now.  Times before people would ask me "what is something we don't know about you?",  and  I would never quite know what to say.  So now that I've had some time to think about it, here it is. IMG_6673

1. Growing up I loved and still do love my sisters and aspired to be like them.  I would go into their closets for clothes, and their bathrooms for nail polish, hair stuff or bath and body spray and then take the things I liked.  Then for holidays, birthdays ect. my parents would give us money to buy each others gifts, except my gift to them wasn't paid for... I would re- gift the items back to them.  It would be something like a half used nail polish bottle, body spray ect!!! O how they loved me !  The money I had received from my parents for their gifts, was then actually stashed for myself.  Back then, I saved every penny I got! 

2. Back in the day we used to go to the parade of homes when we lived south of Denver!  If you don't what what it is, it's every year that homes in different areas are opened up to the public to see the contractors work.  This is for new homes and remodeled homes! I always loved going and totally want to go next year when they have it.  It's fun to get different ideas of things for your house!!! ( not sure my hubby would want me going because I already like re-organizing/ re-decorating stuff as it is ).

3.  Some of my first colt riding experiences were: 1. Tying them in an alley way in the barn and jumping on.  It was said that this would determine if they were good or bad (this was when we had a horse trader friend), not the best idea!  2. In college I had to get on this colt that was literally crazy!  My teacher wouldn't even get on the horse, so as you could imagine, I didn't really want to either.  My teacher lounged the horse around with a whip, while I was riding the horse.  The sucker tried bucking me off, jumping over the fence and tried everything to get me off.  I had no control other than hanging on! It was awful!!! ( pretty sure if the teacher and I had reversed roles, he wouldn't have done that)!

4. I have always loved music.  When I was younger I would sing in the car all the time,  but really it was made up words to the song.  I didn't actually know the song, I just pretended I knew what I was singing!  My sisters always joked with me about it. Now I do a better job!!

5. I love people watching!  Yea I know, sounds creepy right haha!  When your at the airport waiting for your flight,  it's the best place to "people watch".   It's always so amusing to me because there are so many different types of people that come to the airport!


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