Cooped Up-Literally

Here in Colorado we have been experiencing very cold weather.  Like, not making it into the double digits kinda weather.  So that leaves this momma with one, very energetic and cabin-fevered 2 year old.  So after we've exhausted all of our painting, coloring, play-doh playing, Mickey Mouse watching, book reading and puzzle playing, we brought out the big guns- Princess dress-up!  Oh man, did it do the trick!  This dress was a gift from my good friend, Amy.  Since she has a boy, she spoils my girls rotten with the girliest clothes.  This dress has to be the "girliest of girliest" dresses!  It's got pearls decorating the bodice and pink feathers filling out the tulle skirt.  Plus, the headpiece is super fancy with a rhinestone jeweled flower fastened on top of more pink feathers.  Sheridan has been wanting to wear it for quite a while, but I kept telling her we had to keep it for something nice.  But who knows when we'll go somewhere nice before she out grows it?  So I decided, today is the day, baby girl!  She loved it!  She calls all things princess "Princess Mommies," so to her this was her "Princess Mommy Dress."  This time in our princess dress required lots of twirling.  I mean A LOT of twirling!  Then there was bed jumping.  Then there was stair climbing, which didn't go too well since it's a little tough for a toddler to pull her dress up and climb the stairs carefully.  So needless to say, we lost a few feathers.  I know wearing our princess dress in the house won't be a daily occurrence, but you can bet it will probably happen again this winter.  Which I hear is supposed to be a pretty cold one.  IMG_1096 IMG_1092

IMG_1110.JPG (3) IMG_1097.JPG (2)

IMG_1101.JPG (3) IMG_1104.JPG (3)



IMG_1099.JPG (3) IMG_1108.JPG (3)

When I was watching her twirl, I was thinking about how God sees His daughters.  I'm sure He watches us the same way I watch Sheridan.  And I'm sure He has the biggest smile on His face and is clapping saying, "You are such a princess!  I love you!"  When we're walking in His will and living for Him, we can't help but shine!

Stay warm!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace