Something A Little Rigged

Definition of Jury-Riggin (Jerry Riggin)- according to Wikipedia, this refers to make shift repairs or temporary fixes, made with only the tools and the materials that happen to be on hand. Every now and then I look around and notice my red neck ways of fixing things.  Now, you've got to understand that when you live outside of town on a ranch there is going to be things that fall apart, blow down, or just break.  It's not every day that it happens, but more often then not, it does!

By now it's a fact that when my husband is gone something always needs some kind of fixing.  So, today was our day.  The chickens have been able to escape  from their pen for a while now and our dog usually knows not to go after the chickens.  Although, today when we were outside he started chasing the chickens around and was not listening, so I figured it was finally time to fix the chicken pen!  My husband has only been reminding me that for a few months now.









My inspiration today to start attempting to fix the pen was actually from my three year old!  While I was feeding this morning Traycen went over to the chicken pen and was hanging out there for a while.  When I finished feeding I went over to check in on him.  I got over there and noticed that Traycen had a piece of chicken wire with the gate strung up so that the dog "Ziggs" couldn't get into the pen.  I figured if Traycen can come up with something to jerry-rig, than I can too!  Because the chickens were flying out of the pen we had to come up with something to block them from flying out other than chicken wire.  I absolutely hate chicken wire other than for decorative projects because it's such a hassle to me.  So, we had just collected all the strings lying on the ground from the hay bales and decided to use them.  We strung together all of the baling twine and then came up with a great idea.  We weaved back and fourth with the twine creating a ceiling so that the chickens couldn't fly out.  About three hours later we went back out to check the chicken coop, and they were still in there!  We did it!  Go us!  Here's a few pictures so you can see!




















Here is a picture of our sign we made for our chicken house and then this metal rabbit Traycen's Moo-Mah gave to him!  Traycen says it keep the foxes and badgers away!  



And of coarse our dog ,"Ziggs!"


So when in need of something, use what you have and go with it!  And a word of advice, if you live on a ranch, never throw away potential items to help jerry-rigg!

 Till next time,

XOXO -Cooped Up Wife Kirste