Kid Approved Easy "No Flour" Cookies

IMG_0841 IMG_0816 You can choose to use whatever natural peanut butter you want.  We used this Kroger brand although we do have an amazing dry peanut butter powder that you mix with water thats amazing! (was too lazy to make that!)


IMG_0820I always have such a great helper when making things!  I won't say I'm the best baker, but we sure try!

Here's a few more pictures of T helping me make the cookies!  One of his favorite things to do while helping is crack the egg, although sometimes it can be fairly messy.




















 The original recipe did not have cocoa and oats in it but we decided to add it to give it a try!  So either way, they are still amazing.  Hope you get a chance to try baking these.  They are very simple and not very time consuming at all! 

Till next time

XOXO Cooped Up Wife Kirste