Believe it or not I have finished my bathroom makeover.  A few months ago I started my bathroom makeover by painting my cabinets to then get busy with other stuff not allowing me the time to complete the whole project!  Over the past two weeks I have been working on the bathroom and am pretty proud of myself and the finished product!  I am so excited to show you!!! My bathroom originally had carpet it in (I personally hated it), so I ripped out all the carpet and replaced the flooring with floating laminate planks.  The flooring was from Home Depot and was called Country Pine.  I also replaced all of the trim with rough out wood and stained it with  a mixture of two colors, Provincial and Weathered Oak!  The flooring was kind of a pain in the rear until I figured out how to cut, measure and lay the pieces.  One thing I suggest if you are replacing the floor in the bathroom is to take the toilet out and lay flooring up to the toilet (just looks better).  Although I found out that putting the toilet back in would really be a two person job instead of a one person job.  Thanks to my second who came over to help me out, which I was SOOO thankful!  I am pretty sure I don't like having my head next to the toilet for ANY reason!


I love creating things and being able to have different stuff in my house.  Here are a few things that I re-created from just your common bathroom necessities.



This was the front part of an old chair that broke.  I sawed off the two legs and then found this industrial clamp piece and had a great idea to make it a toilet paper holder!














If you ever go to Hobby Lobby check out the isle with all of the knobs! They have the most unique knobs/handles for any type of project. I picked up this rustic industrial piece there half off and decided to skew it onto the side of the wall for a hand towel rack.







I found these two old heavy duty wire baskets at an outdoor sale that a guy down the road has every summer!  They were $5 each and they make for great storage.  I am using them for towels as of right now. 




If you are looking to add small things that pop out in your bathroom, find little old baskets or buckets for things such as toothbrushes, toothpaste and hairbrushes, ect. 


I used this wood box I found for free somewhere mainly just for decor and put a mason jar with flowers in it.  In the background I have an old window with the glass broke out that my mom gave me and hung flowers in it. 


DSC_2722I stole this idea from Pinterest.  I loved the idea of having barn wood shutters in my bathroom, so I made some and I am so in love with them!







If you remember from my post a while back, these are the cabinets I painted with Chalk paint.  I love the color in the bathroom with all the different colors of wood in there!  This teal color really pops!!! 



If you were to ask me what my favorite thing in there is, I would tell you my piece of barn wood over the bathtub!  I just grabbed an old piece of wood and literally sat it over the bath tub.  When taking a bath I can set my lantern with my candle on there, put my book or a cup of hot tea or whatever on there without it getting wet! 


DSC_2720This old window was bought from the same guy who has the summer sale.  I bought it for $20 and used chalkboard paint to paint the glass so that I could write whatever I wanted on this!  I love looking at this on the wall, but also love being able to see it constantly even if you are looking the mirror. 





Last, here is the piece that I was working on with my post on all the items I would be using.  I decided I needed a towel rack holder.  I branded the wood (which was from the chair also).  I tacked this branded piece of wood onto an old piece of barn wood which I barely stained and then used chain link clips and bolts to make the hangers!





Even this project took a little longer than I had thought, it was totally worth it!  I love being able to customize stuff to how I want it.  The best part is finding the little pieces to make it unique!  


Till next time,

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste 


(All pictures are property of Cooped Up Cowboys Wife)