Getting Some Fresh Air

We literally have been cooped up in our house a lot this week because the wind has been out of control out here.  It's such a bummer to see the sun shining but not be able to enjoy it because of the wind.  I'm ready for snow!  We are needing some major moisture around here and the girls really need to go sledding!  Finally, today the wind wasn't blowing but it was still pretty chilly.  So I bundled up the girls and we went to visit Daddy while he was working outside.  It's so nice now that Odessa is able to sit up good because that means she can sit in the tub with Sheridan and best of all she can ride in the wagon!

Here's a little recap of our day:

Hanging out in the house before we ventured outside.

IMG_1573.JPG (3) IMG_1581.JPG (3)

Hanging out with the bulls.  This bull's name is "High Steaks."  He's one the rankest bulls I've ever seen and just happens to be one of the friendliest as well.  He loves a good scratch.

IMG_1589.JPG (2) IMG_1591.JPG (3)

The girls enjoying the sun! (Please excuse the finger in the upper left)

IMG_1584.JPG (2)

After our fun in the sun, we made cookies.  And Sheridan did what she does best, she ate and licked everything.  Good thing this batch was just for our family.

IMG_1602.JPG (3) IMG_1600.JPG (3)

What a fun day! My kitchen was a wreck, but hey, the kids had fun and we made memories. Isn't that what it's all about anyways?

God bless!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace