Does anyone ever get that first reaction to freak out when something bad happens?  I would like to say that I do not freak out, but that would not be true!  I am very good at responding to a certain circumstance or situation by first freaking out.  It's not that I want to create more worry and stress for myself, but it usually happens a lot more than I would like it to.  For example, my brother in laws horse was here last winter and started to colic.  My first reaction was to jump to conclusions and freak out.  During that day I had my horse shoer there, my 2 year old and a horse that was trying to lie down every few minutes.  To add to that, the freezing cold air of Colorado's winter weather was just arriving.  My horse shoer had to leave soon and my brother in law was in school and wasn't able to come out to help me, so I flipped.  My truck would not start that morning which meant I had no way of even trailering the horse to loosen up her belly or get her to the vet.  After doing numerous things and trying to find someone who had a trailer to take the horse I stopped to think and access this whole situation I was panicking over.  What was my worrying doing?  Absolutely nothing helpful!  My horse shoer and I prayed over the horse and walked away to bring Traycen in the house and figure out what to do next.  After being in the house the short bit that we were, we walked out and was amazed to see the horse had pooped (which is an A + for a horse with colic).  The horse was walking around acting normal.  We both thought to ourselves, why didn't we do this before hand, a lot earlier?  Good question to ask right!!!  The lesson learned that day was to not freak out, but first stop and pray and then go from there….(still not freak out though).   So this last week, Traycen's horse went lame.  My husband CW and I had both noticed it!  CW had been going out and cleaning out her feet to see if that would help her out in which it did, but she was still lame.  A few days went by and the soreness progressed, and she was unable to move freely!  I started to become  concerned and then realized, I didn't even pray.  Traycen had overheard me talking about his horse and became worried and upset about his horse.  Then he said "lets pray"!  We stopped and prayed for his horse.  The next day we waited and nothing, still lame.  My horse shoer came out two days later, in which I was looking for some kind of hope in her. Hoping that she would know more of what was going on than me! When the shoer arrived, the horse was actually moving around, and wasn't as sore as she had been!  I thought to myself, oh my goodness!  Why was I so surprised?  We prayed for the horse so why wouldn't God have taken care of the horse!  My three, almost four year old son, Traycen even brought it up to pray for his horse and acted on that instead of getting mad and freaking out, so why couldn't I?  That's what I sincerely love about kids.  They don't know any better than to just trust God with their childlike faith and know that God is going to take care of it.  There is no doubt or no question there.  All I can say to this is Praise God!

This is a good reminder to me, and probably some of you!  Instead of taking that first moment of a hard situation in our life to take in the negative and worry, stop and pray!  It's so simple, yet we don't do it enough, or at least I can say I don't.  We need to have more childlike faith and stop, pray and trust in the Word.  So today, I encourage you!  Whatever your in, whatever silly circumstance steps foot in front of you, be bigger than it!  Ask God to fix it!  It's simple!  And remember to thank Him, because He truly knows best!

Here's a few pictures of Traycen and his horse Comet!  He sure loves this horse and she is such a delight! 




Uncle J.D on his horse Faith (the one who was sick), and Traycen on his horse Comet, going for a ride! 





Just my little Cowboy…he's not so little anymore!


Till next time,

Cooped Up Cowboys Wife