Teachable Moments With Your Little Chicks

DSC_2547So, sometimes staying at home I can honestly admit to asking myself, "what is my son learning?, or more importantly what am I teaching him. I'm sure most of you have experienced this, but sometimes there's things that "we as moms" have " accidentally, non- purposely" taught our kids! For example how my son now yells shut up as loud as he can as the dogs start to bark abnoxiously... Or how one time we were almost home on the dirt road and we let him take his seat belt off and now every time we are on the dirt road he still continues to ask, I'm on the what he calls " dry road" do I get to take my seatbelt off?, we're on the dirt roads a lot so, NO! Why mommy can paint on the wall, but yet when Traycen does, he gets in trouble! So with all of this, I  want tell you personally, even though those moments of questioning what your kids are learning from you and what you are teaching them at, don't ever be discouraged with yourself. A really great way to teach your kids is by pointing stuff out and asking your kids questions about things. When we go outside to feed in the morning I will ask Traycen different things. I will ask him if it feels colder or warmer outside, which dogs he wants to feed and then show him how much to feed, ask him questions about nature and the animals we have. This then opens the door for him to answer questions and interact with the things were doing outside.

Point out and ask your kids questions about changes in weather, why animals do the things they do, what colors certain things are and more. I feel like moments like these are the best to learn from. They are their own daily observations or from their interests of things because of excitement and curiosity to learn. We all think we "don't have time" or are not a teacher, when in reality these moments of teaching are timeless efforts to teach our kids. There is always some moment around it, it's just being aware of things that we see and things that we do every day that seem so mundane to us, but to our kids they are SO extravagant!

Some examples of what we do are:

-when cooking breakfast in the morning, ask your child to take out certain ingredients and help measure each ingredient out

-when outside playing ask them questions about the weather, or nature around and explain things to them

-for us, when we feed I ask Traycen to scoop out certain amounts 1/2 or full of a scoop to each dog

-when we go out to get the eggs from the coop, we count each egg and examine which is the smallest and which is the largest

Remember, there is no wrong way to teach your kids how to learn:) Try new things and have fun with it !