Barstool makeover

  Before: We had this bar stool that my parents gave me in college from Murdochs Farm and Ranch Store with a cow on it that material had ripped from & it just needed a new look! (It had been shoved in the basement for the time-being)













-I used a can of Rust-Oleum Flat Protective Enamel in a brown. This can go over wood or metal!



-Piece of Burlap (whatever color you like)

-Dritz Home Decorative Upholstery Nails 7/16" 24 count rustic brown color


-First I stripped off all the old material on the bar stool ( I didn't remove staples b/c that was a pain, so you can leave them on or off as long as there is room to put more on there with your new upholstery)

-Spray paint the metal. I put tinfoil around the knobs at the bottom of the stool so they wouldn't get sprayed brown, tinfoil doesn't allow any paint to soak through (learned that from Pinterest!) I had to do two coats to get the desired color I was looking for! Tip: depending on the look of what you want, use glossy for a newer look and flat paint for a more rustic older look. I used flat!

-Measure out a square piece of burlap that can cover the whole top of the stool leaving enough to being able to staple down. I folded over edges of the burlap to make it have a roughed out look and then stapled several times to ensure it didn't come loose.

-Placed the upholstery nails around the outside of the stool. I was going to put them on the top of the stool then decided not to b/c that may have been uncomfortable!

Refinished stool: