New Season, New Year

Hey everyone! So with the new year here I know we all strive to make a New Years Resolution or plural! I can truly say I have been there and failed over and over again with my resolution and decided if I didn't do that all all during the year why would I start now? So I encourage you all with me... Let's go deeper with God!!! Let's empty ourselves to continually to be filled again! I know this is a long song, but I encourage you to take the time to listen to the whole thing! I am in love with this song and it ALWAYS ministers to me no matter who's singing it! But listen to the words and let them sink into your heart! My favorite part is this... "Who breaks the power of sin and darkness, whose love is mighty and so much stronger, the King of Glory, the King above all Kings!" To me, this reminds me of His love for us! We are all human and let's face it we all at some point fail... But it's our choice whether we pick ourselves back up or not. God shows us his grace so deeply and his love so deeply! I think about my son and the love I have for him and I think that's a lot!!! God loves us more than we can love, imagine that!!! So with this new year and new season, leave what's from last year behind and walk forward with one foot in front of the other closer towards HIM! His love will always surpass ALL things! Know Jesus loves you so much and His grace is AMAZING, His love is UNFAILING and He laid it ALL down for us to be free!!!! Till next time

Xoxo Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste