My Monday Wear

Mondays now officially are the day that we get to share with you a country/rustic/glammed up look!  It could be from what we wear out to muck and do chores, or to go out to town!  So make sure you check back every Monday for tips, ideas and more!   So I like to think of my style as "bohemian country".  Yes I know weird right!  I love my cowgirl tuff jeans, but then again I also love leg gins, flats, moccasins, and beanies!  So I guess you could say I like to mix it up.  Although I stay at home with my son I do get "dressed", even though I will admit sometimes it ends up happening that I stayed in my sweats all day doing stuff around my house!  So, today we are doing massive loads of laundry catching up from when we had all been sick and then we are headed out to a friends house! 

My Son loves taking pictures so this is courtesy of him, the three year old!  There is a random photo you will see that I added in.  When I asked my son to stop taking pictures he photo blasted me and the photo was my attempt to go grab the phone before I had to erase a mass amount of pictures.  I failed, I didn't reach him in time and still will have to go back and erase photos! 








My favorite part of this outfit would probably the the scarf I got.  I saw this when our other cooped up mama Candace and I went to a friend Lacy Vance's new store in downtown Greeley called Vintage Republic.  She has a lot of retro rustic things in there, make sure you check her store out! The boutique can be found at 916 9th Avenue Greeley, Colorado. 



Another great place to check out unique pieces of clothing, hats, jewelry ect. is Etsy.  I don't remember which Etsy store I got this hat from, but I am in LOVE with it.  If I could make them myself I would, but that probably would be an epic fail.  




Looking for some easy accessories to add to your outfit for the day?  I had an old pair of socks that I cut off the bottoms and use them as boot toppers now, super simple.  You can also do this with old sweaters!  Super cheap and simple. 



Also I love layers.  Living in Colorado I feel like you have to have layers!  I have yet to find a whole lot of long sleeve shirts that are super long, so I have to improvise my outfits using a longer tank or short sleeve shirt when I wear leggings, which then means my arms will be cold.  This idea I totally stole from my mom.  She had some old grub shirts that she didn't really wear anymore and cut the sleeves off.  What a great idea!  




For more, check back next week to see what Candace has for the day!  

Till next time, 

Cooped Up Cowboys Wife