IMG_2420 This was my Sheridan who was supposed to be helping check cows with her daddy.  As you can see she wasn't much help.

I was hoping to make this post on motivational fitness, but around here, fitness has been on the backburner.  My girls and I have finally fought off a nasty cold that has left a lingering cough for all of us and then starting on Monday we got hit with the stomach flu.  Yuck!  So there's been plenty of napping, ginger ale and Vitamin C happening around our house.  I'm praying that we'll finally be done with all of this junk and get back to being able to do more than laying around and blowing our noses! 

Has anyone else been hit with all of this junk?

I'm praying that you are all in good health because this stuff is no fun!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace