Book Review: Unbroken

95095130 So, I'm usually not much for war stories, but my husband ordered Unbroken by Lauren Hillenbrand on Amazon and I couldn't resist stealing it from him because of how good the trailer for the movie looked.  Oh boy, was it good!  I haven't seen the movie yet and I'm sure it won't rival the book just like most movies never do portray the story as well as the book.  While reading it, I'd have to stop and just take a step back to realize what Louis Zamperini went through and it really showed how God created man to be so resilient.  This biography of this amazing man takes him from childhood where he literally was "hell on wheels" to college where he was a decorated runner that brought him to the Olympics and into war.  But this isn't any old war story of missions and victories, this was so much more.  The author brings to life the plane crash that left him on a raft at sea for 6 weeks to becoming a prisoner of war in Japan. 

Growing up in school we always learned about the European Theater in WWII and only got a taste for the Pacific Theater that only concentrated on the attack of Pearl Harbor.  I had never known the depravity and maliciousness that Japan hoped to bring on China and what they later brought on all of their prisoners they captured.  So, without giving away too much of the book, I would highly recommend this book no matter if you're into war stories or not, you'll appreciate getting to see how God transforms this man from Glory to Glory and that His promises are always "yes" and "amen."

Make sure to check it out in theaters as well!  I hope to get a babysitter soon and make a date of it with the hubby!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace