Willow Star

IMG_1825Do you ever have projects you'd like to get done or need to get done?  Well, that's my life.  I always have something in mind that I'd like to create for my own house or something I'd like to make and sell.  In this case, it's something I have wanted to make.  The funny thing though is that this creation is probably one of the easiest things to make.  Although, I haven't had time to do it.  This creation is a willow start! Willow (fresh or dead) can be used for several different things.  If you have willow anywhere near you I suggest just taking a chainsaw and cutting some down yourself.  It's really easy and saves you a lot of money.  You can purchase willow from a store like Hobby Lobby, although when you can get it for free, why not right!  I saw somebody make a willow star once and I've always wanted to make one.  All I had to do was break off the willow branches to equal sizes, tie the pieces together and then ta-da!  You could probably use any type of wire, string, leather that you want to.  I used raffia and wrapped the pieces around each point and then where the willow pieces connected.  I think it would be fun to spray paint some of these at some point and make different colored ones, or make one filled in with smaller willow branches.  Maybe next time I will do just that.  This can be used to decorate on any wall or anywhere in your house.  IMG_1816IMG_1819IMG_1817IMG_1821






IMG_1824Next time, Ill have something a little more, but as for now, happy crafting!!! 

Till next time,

Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste