Mommy Workout Date!

Working out can be a hard thing especially when you have kids.  Gyms in general make it hard to be a new mom and be able to work out when they only except children starting at a certain age group.  I've been there and felt that almost hopelessness feeling of wanting to have your old body back but not being able to actually go to the gym.  In some cases it may be that you have a small child with you, or like me you live too far from the gym.  My husband and I have always lived farther outside of town where we are not close to a gym.  We once looked at memberships and they were over what we wanted to pay, plus we'd be spending more in fuel to get there everyday!  To us, this wouldn't be worth the time or the money.  So for my family we have had to do what we can at the house, and let's be honest that's not always easy.  For me personally this has always been a struggle because there is no motivation staring me in the face to work out when no one else is around.  For a few months now a group of us have been working out together at my other Cooped Up Mama's house, Candace!  They had just build a gym at their house and they wanted to put it to use.  So we have been gathering together most Tuesdays and Thursdays for "mommy workout time".  Let me tell you, it's amazing!  This has actually inspired me (along with my 24 day challenge) to be motivated to not just work out there, but work out at my house when no one else is around.  I will say there is definitely a benefit to having other moms around when you are working out and it does always make it funner!  Take a look! This is our group that we had yesterday!  I love all these ladies.  They are truly, truly a blessing in my life.  All of them are woman of God, so inspiring and encouraging in every way!  I honestly don't know where I'd be with out them!  Thank you guys.



Today we started out with five stations for the five people that were there.  


Here is Candace demonstrating how to do one of the stations.  Take your medicine ball and hold it at your waistline (I think ours was 5 lbs).  Keeping your abs and your gluts tight go from the straight upright position to leaning back!  While doing this rock from the straight position to an angle going halfway down to the floor.  Keep your back straight and everything tight!  We did those on a clock so try for a minute and a half!  You will be able to feel this in your abs and your gluts! 



This next one is on the body ball!  I love love love the body ball. I have been using the body ball for a lot of workouts lately with my 24 day challenge and it is a miracle worker (I feel).  Get up on your body ball and balance your weight in the center of the ball. You want to squeeze with your thighs and your gluts to hold your balance.  You will also feel your core tightening to hold your balance.  You can hold onto something if you need to, but the goal is to keep your balance by holding it with the strength of your body!



Now many of you may think this is a given, but realistically I'm sure everyone has at some point fallen off the ball!  I can vogue that it does hurt!  Do NOT try getting on the ball while not paying attention and not holding onto anything or else this is what will happen! 



The great part about getting together is that all of the kids that  aren't in school get to play together!  Yesterday everyone was sharing so nicely and having fun with each other!


If  you have friends close by and are needing some motivation to work out I encourage you to get everyone together to do stations, cardio or a work out video!  That's what friends are for, to help you along the way! 


Till next time,

Cooped Up Cowboys Wife