Happy Daddy Day!

I have to admit that my family is not big on giving gifts. We're more of "quality time" kind of people. I actually really love that about us now. I used to get upset when Kody wouldn't put any thought into getting me something for our anniversary, but then he'd take the initiative to saddle up horses and take me for an evening ride. Or we'd make sure to take the whole day to just go do something. He even took me to the museum in Denver, which was huge for him to actually go to a big city for any other reason besides a bull riding. This Father's Day weekend will be of the same sort. Honestly, it's because I don't get to town to buy anything with two kids under 2 years old. I know he won't mind. He has to be the most unmaterialistic person I've ever met. I mean, the guy's wardrobe consists of free shirts given away at the rodeos and jeans that his sponsors send to him. But that's what I love about him. He makes me see things different when it comes to what really matters in life.

Kody and Girls

I don't know about most girls, but I find my hubby most attractive when he's on the floor talking to Odessa to get her to smile and laugh. Or chasing Sheridan around only to catch her to tickle and kiss her. I love it when he stops what he's doing to ask Sheridan, "Guess what....I love you." He may not dress up in the latest fashions (skinny jeans, anyone?) or shower me in diamonds and pearls, but he knows how to speak to my heart.

Not only that, but he loves God more than he loves me.

He knows that without God, life is pointless. And without God, our marriage wouldn't work. God is the One we turn to in good times and bad. We know that He's the one who deserves praise for our amazing life, our beautiful girls and our strong marriage.

So whomever may be reading this that finds themselves searching for love from another person, I want to say "look to the Creator of love",  he knows how to love you more deeply and profoundly than any  person on this earth. Maybe you grew up without a father? God's the best Daddy and if you let Him into your heart He will fulfill that fatherly need better than any man. Or maybe you've been searching for a spouse? I promise, if you choose to chase after God's heart, He'll bring that perfect person into your life.

So here I am to encourage all of you, there's a God out there who is pursuing you! He chooses you and you are His favorite!

Happy Father's Day to all of the daddy's out there!