This Is How Much He Loves Us

Do you ever wonder how much Jesus loves you!  I think about how much I love my son and that's a lot.  But did you know that the love that Jesus has for you and I is even more than what we have for our own children?  Just imagine that!  Kind of crazy to think about it.  Sometimes we all get caught up in things and we don't realize or take the time to really think about how much He truly does love us!  So I pray as you listen to this song that you just receive His love!  That His love would be so tangible and at reach for you that you could feel the presence of Him!  I encourage you to close your eyes and lift your hands to Him in worship because He has so much love to pour out on you right now.  Take hold of His love and embrace all that it is, because it is a powerful, powerful thing! IMG_2009



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