The Road of Faith

tumblr_l2257mUSEE1qzdubgo1_500 A couple weeks ago our pastor preached a sermon in which she talked about how her and husband, Pastor Darin, had two choices when they first embarked on the calling that God had placed on their lives to be pastors.  They c0uld either go to a church that already had a congregation, that would guarantee them a paycheck and a place to live and was pretty much set up to go or they could move to a place where there was no church, had no guarantee of a paycheck and there was no place for them to live.  If you've been to Northern Colorado Cowboy Church in Lucerne, Colorado, you know that these two amazing people chose the latter and for me and my family, we are so very, very thankful that they did!

You see, I grew up Catholic and not to bash on this religion or the people that follow this religion, I just never felt I had a personal relationship with God.  I just didn't.  I never read the Bible, I honestly didn't even know how.  That's pretty sad for a kid that completed catechism all the way through confirmation!  But honestly, my parents didn't know it any better than I did and they had been attending mass every Saturday night or Sunday morning for thirty plus years!  But enough about that, what I'm trying to say is that I didn't come into relationship with Jesus Christ until I met Kody.  Kody questioned my "faith" he asked me all kinds of questions that I didn't know how to answer and really put the question, "are you really saved?" in front of a good catholic girl who thought she was going to heaven for sure.  But do you want to know who had already asked Kody that same question?  It just happened to be from his cousin, Lindy Allen Sharon.  She asked him the same question that he had asked me.  Just because you were raised going to church, doesn't mean you have a ticket to heaven. 

After I got down to the rawness of my decision to follow God, I wasn't sure where to go or what to do, all I knew is that I wanted to learn all I could about my friend, Jesus and what I needed to do to follow Him.  That's where my path crossed with Pastors Darin and Lynette Gleghorn.  Kody had been living up north and attending their church for a while before I was able to attend and I was blown away by how the Gospel was presented at this church.  God used them to reveal Himself to me and I was never the same after I got to intimately know Him.  I got to become a disciple of Jesus because of these awesome people choosing to go to a "people" instead of a "paycheck."  I don't know if they'll ever know just how much weight their decision carried all of those years ago.  People's salvations were  and are being changed because they chose to step out on the water instead of choosing to play it safe on the beach. 

So I was just thinking of my genealogy of my faith.  I don't think it looks exactly like a family tree, but more of road that has many intersections on it in which God used people to change the course of each person's life.  Have you ever thought about it?  What road did your faith come down?


Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace