Saturday Blurp

Today we (the hubby and I) woke up at nine!  Wow, that's right!  I don't think I have woke up that late since I was in high school.  CW and I went to the movie American Sniper last night which ended at 12 am, so I guess our body's needed the rest.  Then later on in the day we went into town to pick up Traycer who went with his Mooma and Papos to Evergreen last night.  I love being able to go on date nights with my husband and am so thankful for grandparents who can let us do that.  I always miss my son when he goes away for the night, but I know he has fun and it's good for my marriage to be able to just spend "us" time!  While in Evergreen Traycen got to go sledding,  ice skating and to the famous Beaujos Pizza.  It's always so fun when we go to pick him up and hear the excitement from the things he got to do with Mooma and Papos!  Here are some pictures from his night away! image






 Till next time, 

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste