That piece of furniture!

Do you ever have that piece of furniture that gets moved around all over your house?  Well these two pieces that you will see have been both placed at different spots in my house numerous times.  I don't know if its my constant "moving around" of things as to why they keep getting moved, or the need to have more storage somewhere else in my house.  My husband CW would tell you that I love to move stuff around, a lot!!!  In fact I used to tell him that I would stop moving stuff around if we had a house of our own.  Now we do and I'm pretty sure every once and a while I still move stuff around trying to find the perfect spot for it,  although now a days, I do ask CW first before I end up moving something!  As you could imagine moving furniture around a lot could get pretty annoying to anyone living in your house.  One agreement we've always had though between the hubby and I is to not move things where he will sit down and fall, or that he will trip over. So this first piece was in our bathroom for storage before I re-did our bathroom.  Look back at "Bathroom Re-do" for the new makeover of the bathroom that I recently did.  Originally my friend Sara and I had gone to someones house off of craigslist to pick up used tires when the lady who lived there told us she had a few other things for us to look at that were free!  Well not only did she have a few things, but a whole trash pit of things they were going to burn.  Have you ever heard that saying, "what's your trash is my treasure"?  Well in this case, it truly was our treasure.  We came out with a lot of really neat things that day, but one of my favorites was this piece I had found.  It was from a headboard to a bed that someone had taken off.  I took it home and milk painted it green and flipped it up so it could stand up and be used for storage.  So simple right?  It used to store bathroom items, towels, and more.  Now it's been moved into our computer room and used for storing notebooks, bibles and for decor.  










DSC_2770This next piece was from the pottery barn!  I know what your going to say, "why would you paint something from the pottery barn"?  Well this piece we have had for a long time and it just needed some fun color to it.  I used a teal color and roughed it up.  Then I went to my favorite store "Hobby Lobby" where I found numerous different knobs and put them on to make it more unique. This piece has literally been moved around to a lot of different areas of my house.  I guess you could say I have never found that one spot that it fits.  So, good news for you if your reading this!  Yep, thats right, its for sale.  If you are interested in this piece it is 3 foot tall, 43 1/2 inches long and 15 1/2 inches deep.  This would be great in any room to add a pop of color.  It has two deep drawers on each side and two smaller more narrow drawers in the center.  Please let me know if you are interested in this piece! 










Till next time, 

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste