Be Cautious What You Put In Your Head!

imageBe cautious what you put in your head?  Have you ever heard anyone tell you this?  I used to hear people say this all the time and I never understood what that meant until a few years back in which I have never forgotten it! This could mean that you are cautious in the music you listen to, the words you speak to yourself and to others, the television shows you watch, the movies you rent and see in the theater ect. 

If you want to live a life that honors God and live a life that worships God, the one TRUE KING then it does really matter what you are putting into your head.  To each of us this is going to look different because God places different things in us and on our hearts.  For me a big one is music.  I need to listen to music in my heart and mind that urges me to live for God.  There is so much out there music wise that can drag you (me) back to the life that you are trying to leave, so why listen to it!?!  God doesn't want us to go back from where we just came from.  He wants us to dwell with Him in the Holy place and move forward in all things!  Let His truth pour into you! Just a short bit of wisdom!

Till next time, 

XOXO Cowboys Wife Kirste

P.S. The internet loading videos is on the down count for me tonight!  I will try to post my original post of worship with the hubby tomorrow for you all to see!  Thanks