Outfit of the day: These Boots

  This outfit is what I call my church-day Sunday apparel!  Sometimes on Sundays early in the morning when I head into church it's freezing, then by the time we leave church it's much warmer!  This outfit has lots of layers!  I love my long tanks that I can use as my first layer and add more layers from there.  Another layer I have is always something denim.  Denim is awesome because you can always dress denim up or down and wear whatever color with it.  I choose to put just an off-white cardigan over my denim with this outfit because my burst of color was going to be coming from my pants.  The pants I have on are skinny jeans, which I love!!! I know they are different but I love to add a pop of color somewhere in an outfit and this day I chose for it to be the pants.  

My favorite part of this outfit is my boots for sure.  These boots I found at Target off season so they were half off.  Who doesn't love a good deal especially when theimagey are half off.  I added in my "homemade" boot toppers to these.  These are in my opinion the best boots to wear with skinny jeans and they are so comfortable and keep my feet warm.  I am definitely the type of person that has to have warm feet or else the rest of me is freezing the whole day. Here is a picture from church yesterday.  I am not sure who captured it at church but I was tagged in it, so thanks to whomever took it.


 These boots definitely kept me on my feet at church.  Our Pastor had such an amazing sermon on worship and our worship to God was so extravagant and exuberant!!!  Freedom was released where people were jumping, dancing, singing and worshipping Him with all they had!  Jesus is sooo AMAZING!  



Till next time,

Xoxo Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste