Outfit Post: A Day at the Ranch

I laugh at myself for doing an outfit post on a day when we're just sticking around the ranch, but then I was thinking about so many blogs I see where girls are dressed for a day of errands in an outfit that's more dressed up than what I would wear to church on Sunday.  So with these outfit posts, Kirste and I thought that'd we'd share with you what us Cowboy's Wives wear in our everyday lives.  Plus, I got an awesome headband from Let's Get Western and I wanted to show it off. For today, while Odessa napped, Sheridan and I went on an "adventure" to go see what her daddy was up to.  He had the vet out this morning to write up some health papers on bulls that we were sending to a bucking bull futurity in Wyoming this weekend.  The weather is absolutely beautiful today and I'm currently writing this post on our porch soaking in the sunshine.  How awesome is God to give such a gorgeous day in February?

Getting dressed for today I threw on a pair of skinny jeans,  a white t-shirt and a blue button-up.  I'm pretty sure I picked them all up from Target.  Sheridan cracks me up because she thinks everything we own comes from Target.  But seriously, I'm such a Target snob!  I'll drive farther and pay more to avoid the chaos that is in Wal-Mart! 

DSCF9561 DSCF9556

My boots are Minnetonka and I ordered them from Sheplers.  They are the most comfortable boots I own and I pretty much live in them year round.  Dallas at Let's Get Western designed this headband especially for me and I couldn't be happier with it.  Headbands are great for days when I do not want to wash my hair but it might need to be washed.  Haha!  Most headbands slip off my head but this one stays put!  I love it!  Make sure to follow Dallas on Facebook and Instagram at @letsgetwestern to see her selection and tell her I sent you!

DSCF9574 DSCF9548 DSCF9547 DSCF9575

My heart stands still when I see these two together.  He's such a good daddy!

DSCF9546 DSCF9544

My handsome cowboy and his dirty dog, Roscoe.  Roscoe loves to roll in anything nasty, so gross!


My girl singing "Let it Go" to a bull.


I hope you have a sunshine-filled day!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace