Sheridan's Outfit of the Day

Anyone raising a little girl will tell you that it's always a highlight of the day to pick out their outfit when you have somewhere to go. I take complete advantage of this right now since she doesn't seem to show interest in what she's wearing until it comes down to shoes. This girl will pick out "sparkle shoes" every time if I let her! Today we were headed to the local plant nursery. This nursery is especially fun for the kids because it contains a jungle gym, play houses and free ranging peacocks. So of course I wanted Sheridan to be comfortable while she played so we opted for Bermuda shorts from Old Navy and a cute tank top blouse from Target. I love to throw on a jean vest to add a little style to whatever she's wearing and the boots just made sense to put on since she would be running around on gravel. To top it off, we put on this fun, little headband that I picked up at Urban Outfitter's.  (You can find the links to the stores where I picked everything up at the bottom of the post.)

IMG_2566 IMG_2571

This little gal makes me laugh so much! Her joy is so contagious and instantly pulls you in to her excitement no matter what it is she's excited about. My favorite is when I ask her if she wants to go outside with me and she jumps up from whatever she's doing and yells in a long drawn out "Yes!" Her curiosity is blooming as well and I find her asking "what's that?" numerous times a day. I know some parents can get annoyed with the question stage but she seems to really listen when I explain something and I can see her wheels turning as she thinks everything through.

IMG_2584 IMG_2583 IMG_2582

Also, for those who have been wondering, Sheridan is adjusting to being  a big sister extraordinarily well. Every time Odessa is awake you can find Sheridan laying next to her, covering her in kisses or showing her toys. It's such a fun dynamic that Odessa has added to our lives. Sheridan really takes the "big sister" role serious and I'm so proud of her!

Blouse- (find a similar one here)

Shorts- (find a similar pair here)

Jean Vest

Head Band- (find a similar one here)

Brown boots- (these were hand-me-downs, not sure where they came from.