He's Got IT!

Hey guys!  Sorry I am posting this later than usual!  I honestly have been slow sometimes at getting posts up, but today I felt like it was suppose to be up later than usual and now I know why!  This song that I have posted is called He Is Faithful by Brian and Katie Torwalt!  Check them out if you haven't already.  They are amazing worshipers/musicians!  I was contemplating on what I would post for today until I got to see Gods hand work in a situation where He once again showed me His faithfulness.  When I say this, I mean that God is always faithful in all things.  There are so many times He has showed me His faithfulness time after time in different circumstances in my life, easy and hard.  Today was a great reminder to me of His faithfulness!   I had been having some truck problems and took my truck in to get it looked at earlier this week!  Yep, it was broke (in short terms) and it was going to cost a lot.  It seems that things happen sometimes when you didn't have the money saved up to "fix" that something that broke.  But, God is so faithful and always has my back!  My friend had drove me into town to pick up my truck in which I paid half the portion of what I owed the shop for their fixings on my pickup!  Later on in the afternoon I was approached with the check I had written out for the next week.  I was honestly confused at first on how this person got this check back from the shop and stood in utter surprise.  I'm sure my face looked silly because I really was confused.   

The couple then explained to me that God told them to pay for that for my husband and I.  Wow! What? Did I hear that correctly?  I stood, still baffled in utter shock of what I just heard and automatically came to the conclusion to give them back that check and I'd go make it right at the shop and pay those people back.  They spoke so kindly to me again and I really listened this time.  As I started to tear up I was reminded of how faithful God is.  He knew my need before I even knew I was going to have that need!  

I will admit that I am not the receiver of gifts!  And as for my husband, he has a really hard time receiving gifts also.  As we stood in the kitchen while I was cooking dinner tonight we talked about it.  We had prayed Tuesday night that God had our provision for us in all things and that He would take care of us by all means.  So, my question is… "why are we so surprised when He does show us His provision, His faithfulness?"  My first response was to not receive the gift from this couple.  But why?  God told them to bless us by doing that,so why would we want to hinder what God told them to do and not receive the blessing of us receiving and them being obedient to hearing the voice of the Lord.  

After we finally in our heart received what had just happened, I wrote a text to the couple and thanked them for being obedient to hearing from God when God was telling them to do that for us.  Then I told them that we were standing that God would give them favor and bless them!   We prayed that God would have provision for them in all things and repay them with a blessing since they had listened to God and blessed us.  Not even 5 minutes later I received a text back saying they had just sold a car that they had been trying to sell for quite sometime!  Now tell me, that's not God!  Ask and you will receive is what God tells us!  He is so faithful to all.  Not only did He provide a need for us, but then he provided to the other people too.  God will use people in our lives to bless us, help us, teach us and bring us closer to Him.  Whether our need is financial, healing, help with something, or whatever else God will use people who are obedient to hear His voice!  

He is so faithful, all the time, day in and day out!  Please know this and stand on this!  I pray in the name of Jesus from this testimony that you receive from this as well!  I know this wasn't just for me today but for you too!  I pray provision for you and your families during this season whether that is in health, financially, healing, or restoration.  Don't be distracted and keep your eyes focused on Him.  He always knows your needs before you even know you need them!  Look to him!  Love ya'll!

Hope you enjoy the video (yes I'm still learning to play the guitar!)


Also I got to go out and enjoy a nice ride today in the warm sunshine weather of Colorado today!  60's today, snow next week!

IMG_3096Be blessed,

Till next time  XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste