Monday: Outfit of the day!

DSC_2781 - Version 2 Living in Colorado you seriously just have to always be prepared.  Saturday it was in the 70's then Sundays forecast was 32 and snow!  I have learned that you just bring a jacket everywhere because the time that you don't is going to be the time that it freezes and so will you. Oh this state I tell you!!!  This was my outfit for Sunday Church day.  Like always I love my skinny jeans and any kind of flat shoe.  If I wear much more than a flat, you will see me on my face, literally.  I admire the people who get to wear all the fun heels, but the closest thing to that for me is a wedge.  Anyways, I love printed t-shirts because you can always wear them plain or with some kind of cardigan or jacket.  Like I said before my style is all over the place.  One thing that does stay consistant with my style is a good headband!  My husband would say I have too many, when I would say I don't have enough sometimes!  Wearing something like this is so easy if you are in a rush to get out of the house and don't have time to do your hair.  It's honestly one of my favorite things because you can wear your hair down, in a braid, in a pony tail, a bun or in whatever way you'd like.  Sometimes when your a mom, its all about the easy.  If it gets me ready faster and out of the house, I'm in!   Another thing is I love mass amounts of bracelets and rings.  I have never been that girl that "loves diamonds", I just love cool jewelry whether it was $.50 from the gas station or not.  I guess you could say I'm easy to buy presents!  Anyways I hope you are enjoying your Monday!  We are just hanging at the house today because it is chilly.  Maybe we will treat ourselves to a cup of Hot Cocoa and some good books! 

My jewelry fab for the day!  I love the bracelet on the top right!  I got it from a friend who was selling  jewelry for a fundraiser for woman in Guatamala who made it!  It's super unique, they are amazing woman!





This picture is because I'm a nerd and like taking random photos!  And then the other is of my outfit.  Dark rustic washed skinny's, a long tailed tank top with crosses to underlay under my Indian printed t-shirt.  Then my  army green button up (literally from high school), yes thats funny but hey it's lasted this long!!!  And of coarse my beautiful dog, Traycens best friend Ziggs who always comes up for a good picture! 

Till next time,  XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste