The Story Behind This Cross

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Two things I guess you could say that I love are any piece of old wood and a can of paint!  Each piece of wood always has its own character and  the paint is what brings out that character in detail.  I think of it as how God made us.   Each of us were created in His image, but to be our own unique character.  God gives us all different gifts, talents, and beauties that are brought out in our own creative way.  This piece of wood that I chose to use today was found in a trash/burn pit at someones farm.  That statement is definitely true, "someone else's trash is someone else's treasure."  This piece of wood I have taken out numerous times wondering what I could do with it, until today.  Today I decided I was going to make a clock.  I figured I would use barb wire, this unique piece of wood and a few other miscellaneous things.  As I started to make the clock and I was putting the barb wire around it, I got led a different way to what I was suppose to be crafting.  I left the room and was in search for an object I didn't know I was looking for until I saw this rustic cross sitting behind something.  I knew instantly what I was going to make.  I love the randomness of creativity that God has placed inside of me.  I was instantly reminded of Gods love for me and what Jesus did at the cross.  

DSC_2764 - Version 2The meaning behind this piece is this:

The old barnwood- That's the old you.  The you before you met Jesus, the you that didn't know how much He loved you, didn't know you had worth, didn't know you were beautiful.

The painted teal barnwood- This is the new you.  The you that has shed off that old wine skin. The re-born, fully pure, beautiful child of God. The one that sees her purpose, her strength and knows she is beautiful and wonderfully made through Him. 

The barbwire- Because He, Jesus paid a price for you and me.  He went through the suffering so that we wouldn't have to.  That's why we give it all to God and don't hold onto things because He's already done that for us.

The cross- This beautiful cross.  Where someone that was so faithful went and endured everything that He did for us.  He is no longer on that cross, but that cross is there because He has risen and is redeemed! 

As this cross was hidden in my house I stop to think about it this way.   Even thought sometimes we don't see that cross, God still sees us, all of us.  He knows everything you are going through before you go through it.  His cross is ALWAYS there, but do we always see it?  Do you look to Him, the cross and what He did for you?  Take a moment to evaluate where you are and where He is calling you to be in Him.  We each have a purpose and a destiny in Him, and through Him He has it all. 

Till next time,  XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife