Workout Wednesday!!!

Working out is honestly my new favorite thing to do!  I used to do it a lot and then just plain didn't!  When Tuesdays and Thursdays roll around I get so excited because I get to hang out with a bunch of amazing woman and work out!  There is never a dull moment when someone falls off a ball, trips over a kid or when the kids clothesline themselves running around (Miss Sheridan I love you so much)!  It's such a blast!  These girls are my motivation along with my spark!  Here is from yesterdays work out!  I love using the body ball.  The ball is amazing and you can buy different sizes for your preference so make sure you check them out.  You can just about get them at any store!  Exercise 1: 


 IMG_3445Start by laying over the ball and placing your hands shoulder length apart, keeping them straight.  Your feet will be touching the ground when you start and then pull them up towards the ceiling.  Squeeze your behind and you will feel this in your lower back/behind and legs.  Candace and I came across this kind of just laying around on the ball and realized "hey this actually works your muscles." Try 3 sets of 30 and remember to take your time and really engage your muscles.



Exercise 2: 

IMG_3451IMG_3449Using the wall to help hold your balance lay on the ball on your side.  You can place your hand on your chest or have one arm around your neck (just make sure your not pulling your neck up).  Engage your abs the whole time and do sit crunches.  Do 3 sets of 30!  And don't fall off the ball hah! 




Exercise 3: 

IMG_3453IMG_3454Again using the wall to hold your balance lay centered on your belly on the ball.  Place your hands on your head and start facing down at the ground.  Lift your torso back towards the wall almost coming to the arch position.  You will feel this in your lower back and your abdomen.  Do this again 3 sets of 30.  




These are all exercises you can do at home, that's why I love them.  I love my body ball and like I said you can buy about any size small or large and they come handy for a lot of different exercises! 

Heres just a motivational quote for you today and of coarse some extra pictures.






Little did I know Miss Sheridan and I were going to be matching for our workout today!  She is so precious.  I love the Cooped Up Kids! 



This gem is Kaity! Another one of my sisters!  Love her.  Thanks for being in my workout pics!  Make sure you check back Friday, she's featured in our Cooped Up Confession!  You won't want to miss it!


Till next time, 

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste