That New CD!

I love music, especially worship music! I was on iTunes the other day just searching around when I came across this band. This band originated as a worship team based out of a community of various area churches in Nevada. This band consists of 6 amazing worshippers that are musicians and have a distinct 3 part harmony. What I love about their worship is that it has a graceful yet folky character to it with the acoustic and banjo added in! Wondering about their name? In an article I found from their website it says "The name I Am They is inspired by John 17 - created with the intent to adopt on a personal and individual level. As Jesus prays in this chapter, He consistently refers to His disciples as "they". It is important to each band member to be the “they” that Jesus referred to." Wow! This spoke so much to me just reading that! We need to be the "they" that Jesus calls us to be.   He has called us all to be individuals that are all different but love Him and love like He loves! Make sure you check them out on iTunes! image

Till next time XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste