Hay Haulin

Hauling and stacking hay is just one of the many chores that must be completed on a ranch.  Everyone likes a little hard work right? …. sigh! We'll I can truly say I do NOT love picking up small bales of hay because you have the loading of the hay onto the trailer and then of coarse the unloading once you get back to the barn! But, I can say I do love going to get our hay from the people that we do. We initially met these people when we lived in a rental house near Kersey, Colorado and they are the most caring, honest people I know. Our time spent there consists not only of loading hay, but amazing fellowship and lots of laughs! They have known Traycer since he was born practically and Traycer has built a strong relationship with them. It's so fun to get to see relationships that your kids build with other people and how they set those people apart in their own special way. For example, every time I tell Traycen we are going to get hay, he knows that Mr. Gene will give him tootsie rolls or mints and will let him take a "ride" on his 4 wheeler! So, having Traycen excited to get hay is awesome because then he gladly hops right into the truck to go and gets to spend some time with our "hay friends". This couple has been married for almost 56 years and are quite unique people! I love getting to share stories with them and ask them different questions about life, and different ins and outs of things. They have always been super honest with us and so integritable!  Here are some pictures of our quest from our last hay trip! 

Upon arrival, still baling.




Awesome Fellowship and fun stories! 


Traycer and dad taking a break! (Yes Traycer legitimately tried helping lift and throw hay)



Mr. Gene


Almost ready to head home!